Big Birdcage SS


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Introducing our exquisite shirt adorned with a captivating birdcage print. Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of vibrant colours and exotic patterns that define this masterpiece. With meticulous craftsmanship, each shirt is carefully tailored to encapsulate the very essence of paradise, guaranteeing that you exude confidence and effortless charm wherever you go.

We firmly believe that comfort is paramount, especially during the summer months. That's why our shirts are meticulously constructed using premium, lightweight fabrics that ensure optimal breathability, keeping you cool even in the hottest climates. These breathable materials allow unrestricted movement, making them perfect for casual and formal outings.

Prepare to captivate onlookers and make a bold statement with our collection of men's summer shirts. Awaken your inner islander and let the sun-kissed vibes transport you to tropical bliss.

This shirt is designed to spark conversations and earn you admiring glances. Each piece is individually numbered with a rivet on the hem, highlighting its exclusivity. With only one hundred ever produced, you'll truly own a unique treasure.

Featuring a straight cut that promotes airflow and keeps you cool, along with a small collar for a touch of refinement. The square-cut bottom hem boasts a yellow slit detail, adding a subtle yet stylish accent to the overall design.

Shirt Sizings
14.5" - Collar - 102cm Chest - 40" Chest - Small
15.5" - Collar - 108cm Chest - 42.5" Chest - Medium
16.5" - Collar - 114cm Chest - 45" Chest - Large
17.5" - Collar - 120cm Chest - 47" Chest - XLarge 
18.5" - Collar - 124cm Chest - 49" Chest - XXLarge
19.5" - Collar - 130cm Chest - 51" Chest - XXXLarge


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