About us

The story behind S&B began with Anthony Wallis & Andrew Frogson


In all honesty, Sauce & Brown was born when both were sat about chatting, they came up with an idea of starting a Menswear business. Anthony & Andrew have worked together for many years in the Textile Industry, for the big corporates supplying to the high street.
They were and still are active in working with other suppliers to the high street, but they were disappointed in how stale, or safe, it seemed to be getting. Still to this day the High street is cheap and full of throwaway fashion. They hated and still hate that bit.


They started the initial idea of S&B back in 2012, but left the name to run in their minds for a couple of years, asked people's opinions on the name and gradually crept their way to launching the brand in April 2014, with an investment of just 5k.

Besides Anthony & Andrew, there is Melanie, who can do all sorts, another one who has spent her working life in Textiles, and Andrews wife. That's S&B in a nutshell, a small close knit team.

Add to that the small matter that Sauce & Brown only produce 100 in each and every design, each one individually riveted by hand with its own unique number somewhere between 1-100.

We have been in the industry a long time and the High Street has become stale. Exclusive products are normally for the more affluent customer. 
We felt the need to create limited products, with a price tag to suit the pocket. Everything we create will be limited to one hundred. No more, no less. We want you to be individual, a member of a small club, where only one hundred are allowed. 
In a world of seven billion, we believe it's a statement to be  
One of One Hundred. 




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