A mid week wander

This is exactly what it says it is, a mid week wander.

The start of the working week had been exceptionally busy designing new products and finishing incoming products ready to release.

This leads me to the next job on the list. It's all well and good measuring the garments for fit and quality but nothing beats slipping one on for a good old fashioned road test. So I had an idea, why not do an actual road test, not ground breaking I know but a great excuse to leave the comfort of my desk.

So I told Mrs Sauce & Brown of my idea and we made a plan based on a recommendation in Leicestershire. We took the 2 eldest girls to school, bundled the newborn into the motor with all the gubbins that they come with and headed 32 miles south towards Charnwood Forest and towards the low slung sun.

By chance we had picked a perfect Winters day, don't get fooled that it's Spring or you'll get bitten but luckily I was road testing our fleece lined Underground Sweat as my mid layer.

The beauty of HQ is that you get to chat to all walks of life any pick up little golden nuggets of information. This weeks nugget was Bradgate Park. Normally we would head "locally" to Newstead Abbey, Clumber Park or Wollaton Hall for a nice steady scenic walk, here in Nottinghamshire we are quite spoilt and that's not to mention we border the Peaks for a more panoramic and challenging walk.

"Leicester, for a walk???"

Here at Sauce & Brown we love to explore and share our findings, it may seem strange travelling for a 'walk' but it only took a similar time as it would to travel to the regular haunts. It was perfect, we stayed to the stoned path, following the stream that makes its way through the land towards the herds of Deer, there's plenty of larger walks and tracks around the 850 acre site but they looked less pram friendly. 

We meandered for just under 4 miles taking in the idyllic scenery and relaxing to the sounds of the water making its way for Cropston Reservoir.

It was easy to find following google through the very picturesque Newtown Linford, pretty much a postcard middle England village with a lovely looking pub "The Bradgate" that will get sampled next time. It was the prefect walk, maybe one of them days where everything comes together and the sun is shining. Go see somewhere new, there may even be somewhere on your doorstep that needs exploring.

Oh, I nearly forgot, the Underground sweat performed exactly as it should, but what else would we expect.


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