Reclaim your identity


Rediscover Your Unique Identity

Have you ever wondered about the essence of "One of One Hundred"?

In our meticulous process, we painstakingly handcraft each product, limiting the production to just one hundred pieces for every design across all available sizes. Picture every item meticulously assembled by hand, distinguished by an individualized number ranging from 1 to 100. Sounds impressive, doesn't it? But why do we do it?

In an age dominated by mass-produced fashion and uniformity, we stand firm to safeguard your distinctiveness. Our philosophy revolves around curating exclusive styles that mirror the uniqueness of the individuals who wear them.

At Sauce & Brown, our commitment is to craft high-quality fashion that makes a bold statement. In a world populated by over 7 billion people, wearing our garments places you in an exclusive circle, embodying the true essence of being "One of One Hundred."

Embrace a style that sets you apart, a look that defies conformity. Opt for individuality over similarity. How to Become "One of One Hundred"?




Becoming part of this exclusive community is effortless. Simply choose the garments that resonate with your distinctive style and persona. On our website, each clothing item prominently displays the remaining quantity available for purchase. Every new item starts at 100 and gradually diminishes until it's no longer accessible through Sauce & Brown...ever.

So, hesitation isn't an option. Delaying might mean missing out on this exceptional opportunity. Visit our site regularly, as our limited stock of 100 tends to vanish swiftly, prompting us to frequently refresh our collections.

Elevate your style. Embrace uniqueness. Be part of the league of One of One Hundred.

Remember to share your style with us using #oneofonehundred in your photos!