Reclaim your identity


What does One of One Hundred mean?
    For every single product we create, we produce only One Hundred of each design across the full size range. How about if each product was individually riveted by hand with its own unique number somewhere between 1-100. Cool huh!!!

    Why did we do it?

      In an era of mass production, where everything and everyone looks the same, we can help you keep your identity.  We believe in creating styles that are as unique as the people who wear who wear them.

      Sauce & Brown create high quality fashion which makes a statement. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, but wearing our clothes you will only ever be ‘One of One Hundred’.
      Look good. Not the same.




       How Can you Become One of One Hundred?

      It's easy. Simply choose the clothes that fit your style and identity. Each item of clothing on our website clearly displays the remaining number of that item we are releasing.  Whenever we launch a new item it will be 100 and will countdown until that item will no longer be sold by Sauce & Brown...ever    
      So don’t wait. If you do, you just might miss out. Feel free to keep returning as 100 goes quickly so we are constantly updating our ranges.
      Look good. Not the same. Become One of One Hundred


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