Reclaim your identity


What is the significance of "One of One Hundred"?

With utmost care and precision, we meticulously craft each product, ensuring that only one hundred of each design are brought to life in all available sizes. Imagine each item being painstakingly riveted by hand, accompanied by a distinctive number ranging from 1 to 100. Pretty impressive, right?

Why did we do it?

    Amidst an era dominated by mass production and homogeneity, we took a stand to preserve your individuality. Our philosophy revolves around crafting distinct styles that reflect the uniqueness of those who don them.

    Sauce & Brown is dedicated to producing fashion of exceptional quality that makes a bold statement. While there may be over 7 billion people inhabiting this planet, when you wear our garments, you become part of an exclusive club, embodying the concept of being truly "One of One Hundred."

    Embrace a look that sets you apart from the crowd. Choose to look good, not identical.




    How to Join the Ranks of One of One Hundred?

    Becoming part of the exclusive One of One Hundred community is a breeze. Simply select the garments that align with your unique style and identity. On our website, each clothing item prominently displays the remaining quantity available for purchase. When we introduce a new item, it starts at 100 and gradually counts down until it is no longer available through Sauce & Brown...ever.

    So, don't hesitate. Delaying might result in missing out on the opportunity. Feel free to revisit our site regularly, as the limited stock of 100 tends to diminish quickly, prompting us to frequently update our collections.

    Look your best. Embrace individuality. Join the league of One of One Hundred.

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