Christmas with all the trimmings

HQ is back open after what we consider a well-deserved break.

We were very busy in the run-up to Christmas, right up until the stroke of midday on Christmas eve. We decided to call it a day and both go for a couple or three Guinness up at the local micropub to take stock of a crazy 2 months. We would like to thank you for your support in 2019 and hope it continues into 2020. We still have some emails we need to respond to so apologies if your response has been delayed.

So for me, Christmas was a great week spent with my family, eating a little too much of everything with a dollop of posh custard. I feel like a piece of Brie! Mixed in with lots of windy walks to keep the cogs turning and to keep the weight damage limitation to a minimum.

Andy managed to fit in a few football matches at the local clubs, by the sounds of it though none of them were memorable.

We welcomed the New Year in with friends at a garden party hosted by friends with Italian roots, they know how to throw a bloody party with a spit-roasted pig as the centrepiece. The tunes and liquor were flowing in equal measure way past auld lang syne. 

Now though we are back designing at HQ with normal hours resumed and new releases expected throughout January.  Pop in for a brew but please don't bring any biscuits, we've seen enough to last us a lifetime.

Roll on to every social media post being a countdown to a Summer holiday.

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