Craig David 2 years late

2 years later than planned me and my wife went to see Craig David live at Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham.

Now i'll lay it down, I'm not a proper Craig David fan, Laura describes my music choice as sad depressing guitar songs, quite the opposite to the upbeat dance vibes. However, Laura loves a bit of Craig David so we organised a babysitter for when we finished work and headed into the city.

The tour was originally planned to celebrate 20 years of his music but with the Covid delay it was renamed 22, it had the feeling of a highly anticipated event. So as you can imagine there was a real mix of people, some over fifties who would have been there at the beginning in 2000 and some youngsters who weren't even born and are more into his Ibiza DJ sets but all just seemed happy to be out socialising.

I've got to admit it, I really enjoyed it, the soul and performance him and his band put into the show was unreal, amazing on stage chemistry. Every song was played by the full band in a slightly tweaked funky version which took it all up a notch. The visual show put on was so cool and added to the experience, just over half way through the set changed with screens dropping from the sky and all the band disappeared into the wings. Craig David popped up with headphones on and proceeded to mix it up on the decks taking it back with his MC skills over some 20 year old garage tunes, he's still got it. I however have developed into more of a dad dancer than I had previously been aware of, highlighted by the guy on stage still moving like a young spunker in his sequin tracksuit.

He finished after an encore with 7 days which started with the chords being struck on a guitar in a Spanish note on repeat, the crowd went wild singing along to all the lyrics. A good night all round.

One thing I didn't understand is paying £1 rent for your plastic cup for a pint. Its either in on the price or not, how else am I going to transport my beer, in my pockets???

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We were there for Dua Lipa last week matey. Great show, 2 years in the waiting. I think the £1 Cup rent is a great scam cos nobody can be really arsed to return them, saw loads on the deck when we left 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

Brian Fowkes May 16, 2022

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