Everyone has a story - Paul Weller

Having a store here at HQ, means people tell us stories over a cup of tea, we also get to become a part of those stories. It's called being social, as opposed to social media and it's making a come back.

So a couple of Paul Weller stories. Back in June, a gentleman popped into the shop for the first time, he became quite chatty, we had a cuppa and he goes on to tell us he has bought Paul Wellers classic Mercedes. Cool as fuck in our world. He said he would bring it the shop when he had completed the restoration. Bullshit or not, it sounded good to us.

Fast forward to August & as promised, the customer returns with Paul Wellers old Mercedes, fully restored, nut, bolt and everything in between. Like a new pin.

He has always been a Weller fan, not to the extreme of obsession, but a true fan. We spent a good hour admiring the car, talking about the history and the love gone into the restoration. Some days at S&B are just not like working in a normal job. 

He mentioned that he would love to show it Paul at some point as it was his daily school run car.

You will find photos of Oasis etc in the car from years gone by.

September comes along and said customer returns, excited to tell us that he has been invited to Black Barn Studios, to reunite Paul Weller with his car. Jealousy reigns supreme.

It actually happened. The classic now has Paul Weller's moniker on the centre console. So wish we had given him our guitar in store to sign. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing.

October comes & I pop to the local for a drink. I see an old friend, who has just reformed his band. (Look forward to the return of Lucky Bullet). I mentioned the Paul Weller scenario as he is also a Weller Fan, & he had seen the pictures on Facebook. (It does work then).

So he tells me his "Weller" story. The Jam had split up, 82/83, which he had read about in Smash Hits. His sister wrote a letter to Paul saying that her brother was a good drummer. A week later, a phone call from Paul Weller.

"Son, there's a bloke called Paul on the phone for you"

Two days later, he is down at Nomis Studios in London for an audition. Impressed by his drums skills, he was invited back a week later to play an audition with Paul. As impressed Paul was by his skills, he could not accept him into the band, after the lad told Paul he was only 15 & still at school. 

The moral of the story is that everyone has a story, & X-Factor is shit.


Just looked out my window to see a lovely old merc parked opposite, went to have a nosey just as guy came out to drive away and told me the Paul Weller connection and showed me the autograph! V cool car if I win the lotto I will be searching for the owner to make an offer!

steve freyne January 06, 2020

A great story about the Mercedes. Shame for the young drummer but Weller took on the veteran, 17 year old Steve White instead.

Peter cook November 06, 2018

Awesome guys keep talking ⚡️

Paul Allison November 06, 2018

Nice read my good fellow

Darren November 06, 2018

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