Hanging with The Arena Project @ Binks Yard Nottingham

This past weekend, Binks Yard in Nottingham was transformed into a pulsating hub of electronic beats and ecstatic energy, courtesy of The Arena Project. As a somewhat seasoned attendee of dance music events, I can confidently say this was one for the books. The night was a masterclass in showcasing diverse styles of dance music, orchestrated by an impressive line-up of DJs that kept the crowd buzzing from start to finish.

The day kicked off with a stellar set by The Arena Project's resident DJ, Robert Glenn. Known for his moody progressive sounds, Glenn set the perfect tone for the day, easing folk into the festivities. His carefully curated tracks built a steady, captivating energy, ensuring everyone was primed for the musical journey ahead.

Next up was Zofia, who brought a breath of fresh air with her selection of contemporary house music. Despite the heavens opening up with a sudden downpour, her infectious beats continued to build the vibe. There’s something magical about dancing in the rain, and Zofia's set provided the perfect soundtrack for it.

As the skies cleared, Switch Disco took over the decks, bringing their signature mashups and reworks. Their seamless blending of tracks entertained the crowd beautifully, keeping the energy high and the atmosphere electric. Every drop and transition was met with enthusiastic cheers, showcasing their knack for reading and responding to the crowd's mood.

Following Switch Disco, This Culture stepped up with a set of chunkier house beats that really started to get the crowd going. His sound was a perfect bridge from the lighter, more melodic tunes of the earlier sets to the heavier beats that would dominate the latter part of the night. The dancefloor was getting packed, and the energy was palpable.

Chapter & Verse then took us on a trip down memory lane with a nostalgia-tinged set that combined classic hits with a contemporary tech house edge. It was a brilliant mix that struck a chord with both long-time dance music aficionados and newer fans alike. The familiar tunes, re-imagined with a modern twist, created a euphoric atmosphere that had everyone dancing.

As night fell, Fergie took to the decks for a hard house vinyl-only set. His performance was nothing short of spectacular, with the crowd bouncing to every beat. The raw, unfiltered sound of vinyl added an authentic touch to his set, making it one of the standout moments of the night. Fergie's energy was infectious, and the crowd responded in kind, creating an electric vibe that surged through Binks Yard.

The grand finale was delivered by none other than Eddie Halliwell. As he dialled the energy up to 11 with his set of classic trance-influenced tracks, the chants of "Eddie, Eddie" echoed around the venue, a testament to his enduring popularity and incredible skill. His performance was a high-octane mix that pushed the crowd to their limits, ending the night on an exhilarating high.

The Arena Project team truly brought something special to Nottingham with this event. Their attention to detail, stellar line-up, and ability to create an unforgettable experience are commendable. As I left Binks Yard, my ears ringing and my heart racing, I couldn’t help but feel excited for their next "Kish" event on July 27th at Canvas Mansfield. If it's anything like this one, it's bound to be another unforgettable night.

Mark your calendars, because The Arena Project is set to take Nottinghamshire by storm once again!

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The Arena Project presents KISH at Canvas, Mansfield.


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