HQ Post Lockdown

Lockdown has been strange for everyone but in terms of HQ it felt a little empty, not just literally.

Waiting each day for the briefing became religion for us both as we tried to read between the lines and work out the safest date that we could fling the doors open and have you leaning on the counter in deep discussion.

Myself and Andy have both had mixed feelings along this pandemic rollercoaster but one seemed to stick with us throughout and that was of feeling a little lost. 

Now the doors are open, you guys are back in with a huge show of support and we are pleased to carry on where we left off, albeit a little different. Yes, we are a business but we see it as more than that and we have missed you. Already in the short space of reopening the guitar has been played, you have told us of losing your jobs, finding new jobs, some of you have struggled, some have thrived and we love having you in to share this.

As I write this from home, Andy is in HQ keeping you entertained, I have one of my girls watching Barbies Dreamworld whilst the other fights the distraction just to complete a few sums as part of her homeschooling. As it's a little cooler, Mr Wallis will be donning his short shorts, whistle in hand and teaching PE after lunchtime. Let's see how many times I can nutmeg a 4 & 7 year-old this afternoon.

Stay Safe


Keep on doing what you do. The service and the personal touch are class. You deserve to succeed

Drew Hodgett June 29, 2020

Hi chaps, looking forward to getting back in to see the store again, and see what lego model has taken pride of place…. hoping the choons are still playing and the designs are flowing….. a camp print sweatshirt would go down a treat if you wanna knock one (or a hundered) up?

Simon Sears-Piccavey June 29, 2020

My boss said to me in the beginning of the madness whatever we do be nice as people will remember how they were treated during Covid 19.
That’s why you guys will succeed your nice and people like nice people.
People have a choice and they will choose not to shop with all the people who got it wrong as there’s more to Customerservice than just taking the money & popping the shopping in a bag.
Good luck x

Vicki June 29, 2020

Guys its has been a long and I feel painful lockdown.
I remember chatting to Andy saying this will see us in a recession. Little did we know, what lay ahead. Booom!!!.
But you are back up and running fantastic. Why.
Because the public need stores & People like you Guys.
The personal touch goes miles into the buying experience for us the customer.
The location is perfect , as my sister says . Little old Annesley has it all.
You are on the Map . And I know will stay on the map.
Quality, and more Quality to come .
Andy Lamb

Lamby June 28, 2020

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