Man on the Edge

We put the question out there on Instagram, which is your favourite walk in the Peak District, Kinder Scout came out on top but a little too far to drive between school drop off and pick up, don't worry it is on the list to do this year. A few of you recommended Stanage Edge for its lack of tourists and location👍

It started with a coffee, a Greggs flat white and croissant was just the ticket and works out cheaper than a Costa coffee anyway.

With my essentials packed and both the dogs in the boot we headed for the Peak District, luckily this is on our doorstep.

Just 50 minutes on the road winding my way to the start point on the edge of Hathersage, there was plenty of layby parking scattered close to a number of trail starts. I parked in the first one I saw, switched into my walking shoes in an attempt to blend into the rambling community and released the hounds.

This was a solo stomp, a day out of the office, a head clearer, I don't know why it was needed or the timing but I do know it was needed. Luckily Sauce & Brown now creates this sort of freedom for me and Andy, it's taken 8 years of very hard work, grit to survive a pandemic and utter stubbornness. What you may see of running your own business is not always how it is.

From the road you can see where to head so in terms of orienteering this really is an easy one, a 500m up hill walk gets you up on the ridge and the first trig point, from there I kept the drop off on my left and walked the length of Stanage Edge to Bamford Edge. I was getting my steps in by mid morning so it was perfectly quiet, I could make out a couple of walkers in the distance, out of sight off to my left I could hear the chatter of climbers attempting to scale the boulders but other than that I had nature in 3D.

The dogs set the pace all the way to the trig point at the far end, jumping up and over the rocks but never straying too far, the halfway point called for all 3 of us to have a water break and soak up the quiet as we stood and had a minute.

On the way I had spotted a great spot for lunch, sat on the edge shielded from the wind so we turned on our heels and aimed for the spot. I had packed a salad and anchovies to keep me going, both dogs gave me the eyes so got an anchovy each and the tin of oil, they had earned it. With my feet dangling over the edge I could hear the clang of a climbers carabiner below but I couldn't actually see them. We finished off the water and packed away the rubbish ready to head off just as 2 fighter jets graced us with a fly by, whilst I live and breathe I will never get bored of seeing this.

With a couple of miles left to trek back the way we came, we explored the crevasses and boulders precariously perched on the edge. By midday the sun was up and warming my neck and both dogs were starting to pant a little so we found a fresh spring to cool off and rehydrate, their little legs were starting to slow down so we took our time. There were a few more walkers now in sight.

With the starting trig point in sight I climbed up and lifted the dogs up to the larger boulders, I did a 360 I could see my van in the distance, I think even the dogs knew it was the last leg. The weather was perfect, nature was perfect and I was grateful for 7 miles of bliss. 


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Wow that sounds a perfect day glad you got to do it and enjoy Mother Nature.
Sometimes we all need to think of only ourselves xx

Mum August 16, 2022

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