Sauce & Brown Snowboard

Back from this year's snowboarding trip to Austria, barely unpacked and straight away I was looking for a snowboard. I scoured the second-hand market first, to no avail.

I never wanted to be the guy with all the gear, no idea, so on my first trip to Bansko I ended up on a low-end rental, it matched my ability perfectly. The 2nd trip to Bansko billy big bollocks here ticked the expert rider on the rental form and ended up with a flat-tailed Burton board which was lovely. 2020 and me and the boys headed to Ischgl and I was kindly leant a K2 board which was awesome but still not mine. The hunt began.

I was never gonna get very far as I had my heart set on a DOUK board from the very start. They make boards in the midlands and as a business they have great core values, I got in touch with Lewey there and we discussed a few ideas, originally I wanted to go on the build your own course that they offer but with 2020 being a fun sponge I had to scrap that and instead opted just for the custom design.

I played around with a number of designs at the start that incorporated the S&B history but they all looked too complicated. Back to basics and the drawing board, what did I want this board to say?

I wanted it to look fun and for the Sauce & Brown branding to stand proud, whether that's with its nose plunged into the snow or for a board grab photo with a mountain backdrop.

For the base design, we went super bold with the graffiti print laid on bright blue. After discussing with Andy we decided that we wanted to show the craftsmanship that DOUK put into their full poplar wood core boards, so on the top of the board this is on show in all it's wonderful glory.

This will be ridden, hopefully for many years to come and each and every mark it collects along its journey will tell a story of its own.

Flying restrictions pending, we will be heading out to Austria again but this time Saalbach to sample the European lager and trance on the mountain. Photos to follow in 2021.


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