The dream of England winning.

Every 4 years we follow the same path.

Or should that be that we get on the same Rollercoaster? 

England qualified for the World Cup without any major issues and Gareth seems to be a calming influence at the helm of the ship. Never did I believe I would say that after witnessing his Penalty miss way back when, followed by the cringey Pizza Hut advert. Stuart Pearce however did actually make amends for his Penalty miss.

I aimed to watch the first England match at home with the family and try not to get too excited, calm and sensible for this game. Nothing much to fear from Tunisia and I had not witnessed any breathtaking matches apart from the Portugal v Spain. Some crazy results already, but we don't need to talk about those here.


England made a great start, moving the ball about with pace, one touch passing and clever movement off the ball. Along steps up Sir Harry Kane as expected to put us one up. It was like the feeling you get after being on the Oblivion for the third time in a row. Yes.....Here we go.

And there should of been at least 3 penalties in the game, but there was only one. The Tunisia one. Back down with a bump, like queuing 3 hours for the Wickerman in the rain. In my opinion dubious but they tucked it away and levelled things.

Half time came and I decided a change of scenery was needed.

That's it. Off to the Pub to change the fortunes of England, which of course all rests on my shoulders. With my Red Birdcage T-Shirt on to help with the feeling of 66 'n' all that, 30 years of hurt was back in 96. I'm dying here, as a nation we deserve this.

It was a tense half with some flat spots, the beers flowed regardless and then when we needed him there was Saint Harry to save our blushes at the death. Now I know why I went to the pub, hugs from strangers & all that togetherness. Should we play The Farm - Altogether now, or is it too early?

The dream is back on. One game in & the feeling of England winning the World Cup is on. Fully on.

Our next match is Sunday lunchtime. What a stinker. That means I have to miss a Roast Dinner in exchange for 4 pints of Real Ale and a couple of bags of crisps. The things we do for our country.


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