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Fast forward to 22nd April 2018 in London. Not quite the futuristic picture that Blade Runner 2049 paints but nonetheless there I will be stood patiently waiting in short shorts, a shiny charity vest with my name printed across the front and with earphones firmly in.

This is the start line for personally my biggest challenge to date. The infamous London Marathon, where I will attempt to take on the 26.2 mile course equivalent to over 500 football pitch lengths.

Why, I hear some of you ask. Well I suppose mainly to challenge my ability on the day to complete it regardless of time but also to challenge the level of commitment and motivation I possess that will be tested hugely by the months of training it's going to take. Chuck into the mix, fundraising for a charity and all of a sudden somebody is relying on you to help them.

I suppose I am one of the lucky ones seeing as I have secured a place for this prestigious race which is over subscribed by 5-1. Myself and more than 50,000 people will be running the route, ranging from some of the planet's best athletes who will be taking part in the elite race, to average Joes, who will be merely hoping to complete the course come that Sunday morning.


In true S&B fashion I committed my services and then looked a little more into what was in store, very much like the Skydive in Dubai. Only once it was all booked did we start watching videos of skydives thinking holy sh*t. Since researching I have read that Marathon runners are likely to be average or below average height so basically put I was made for this!

The way I see it, if Sir Ranulph Fiennes can run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents after a heart attack and bypass surgery why cant I manage one. All being well I will be fairly fit after 6 months preparation, 32 years old albeit not a Sir, although if the Queen is watching she may see my potential you never know. I say this but I am sure at some point a man dressed in a rhino suit will pass me, followed by a chap carrying a fridge on his back.

I am not a regular runner but also not a novice, I ran 100 miles in May 2016 in support of Macmillans Outrun May to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer which at the time my Father was dealing with.

This time I have chosen to raise money for Movember charity which work to fundraise for two very personal causes to me, once again Prostate Cancer but my main drive for deciding to run 26.2 miles and more recently relevant is Mental Health and Suicide Prevention with the sad and sudden loss of my step brother George this year.

I have set an ambitious target of £2500 and would really appreciate your support in achieving this, no matter the size of a donation they all make a difference even if you can only spare the price of a pint of Guiness, just imagine if each and everyone of you S&B customers did this we could smash this target in no time. Justgiving page

At S&B we will continue to fund raise for this throughout the year and will have some sort of donation box in store very soon with updates to follow on fundraising and training. Pop in if you know more

Training starts today....

Thank you, Anthony

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Great cause see you on tbe start line and I’ll drop my donation in after payday

John Sutherns April 15, 2018

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