The Mediterranean Family holiday

Growing up and having kids puts those blissful hedonistic days of Ibiza well behind you. Early mornings at Space, late nights at Pacha have played a part in summers many years ago. But could the body and mind handle it nowadays? Probably not.

There is only one 2 o'clock in my world and it's in the afternoon. When on holiday, it's probably spent snoozing under the Mediterranean blue sky with a full belly.

The Balearic Isles are still a favourite for the British. Understandably with Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca just two hours away from the cold grey summers, obviously this year has been an exception to the rule.

The islands all have their own characters. Ibiza the party Island, Mallorca the family island and Menorca the quiet family island. Menorca being the one I have plumped for time & time again whilst the little monkey has been growing up. Never the same hotel, always a different location with so much to see.

Being an ex ibiza party person, I still crave those sunsets if nothing else. Cafe Del Mar was the place to be back in the day.

Menorca is the first place in Spain, where the sun sets, naturally we headed to a quant Sunset bar.  You would be forgiven for thinking the bar was in Ibiza with the drinks prices, but hey 5 Euro for a smoothie for the monkey...."you're on holiday"

I admit to really loving Menorca. Arriving at the small airport sets the tone, no hustle & bustle, quiet roads when you hire a car and lots of unspoiled beaches. It's no secret, but this Island packs a punch. 

The whole island is really geared towards families, so don't come here for a rave up. Yes you can find the odd places, but you would be better hopping to the white isle.

Try a more chilled out place like Cova den Xoroi

This year we stayed at the top end of the Island in Cala n Forcat. Low key place, which does have the obligatory British esque feel to it in places, but easily avoided if necessary.

Ciutadella is the old capital of Menorca and well worth a visit in the evening. It's filled with beautiful boats and beautiful people and somewhere you couldn't tire of.

My tip if travelling to Menorca is hire a car and explore the island if time and children permit. Also Mount Torro in the centre of the Island is a well worth a visit followed by a trip to over to Fornells, where I would advise you have a Catamaran cruise.

Close your eyes, listen to the music and enjoy the ride. It's the same sun if nothing else.

You can still be a cool dad. Where to next?

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