Thorpe Cloud - Derbyshire

I've not been too far during Lockdown, Anthony was manning HQ, so I decided myself and the family would take a ride out. My daughter has been on a school trip to Thorpe Cloud in the past and she suggested we try there and I hadn't been there since I was at school!

A steady 39-mile drive from our village which took us through Cromford and past Carsington Water on the more scenic route as they say as opposed to the boring A38.

It was strange to see everywhere closed barring the obligatory Garage & Supermarket. It was the perfect day for Lunch outside a Pub but understandably that wasn't an option so we packed a picnic instead.

It was just a reasonable £3 to park at the Dovedale Car Park. As we locked the car, checked we had everything in our backpack we glanced up and saw Thorpe Cloud looming above, it looked big.

My daughter in her naive and energetic wisdom wanted to climb vertically, but me being sensible made sure we opted for the snaking path. It's an incline, a real incline. At halfway up, I realised I was a little out of practice as the lactic acid began to burn in my thighs. God knows how they do so much on SAS Who Dares Wins. Hands on hips looking into the distance "Good time for a drink stop and admire the views", was my excuse. Rehydrated and lungs revitalised, we continued the ascent up the front of Thorpe Cloud. It was stunning.

We reached the top just as Pitstop number 2 was needed, along with all the midges hanging around from the beads of sweat pouring from us. The view is well worth the hike up. We were there around mid-morning so not many people to spoil the view.

Only me in S&B. Yes, we wear own products, no better way to test them.

We decided to hike back down the other side, which takes you down to the River Dove & to the stepping stones. Halfway down we decided to stop on the slope, roll out the S&B towel, soak up the scenery and eat our picnic. There was no Scampi & Chips with a pint of real ale as a drive to the Derbyshire Dales would 'normally' end. Just classic Cheese & Tomato Cobs, a packet of Crisps and a Fruit Shoot with a view to die for.

After our brief lunch break, we made our down to the river, to be met by the madding afternoon crowds.

On our way down a group of young lads were steadily making their way up, one in Socks & Sliders!?!?! I advised him that maybe it would be better to hike up barefoot on the grass. He took my advice.

At the bottom it was very busy at this time. We dipped our toes in the crystal clear water and had a steady saunter back to the Car Park. It was such a beautiful clear day that it resembled California.

Arriving back to our Car we could see the Ice Cream Shack open, all 3 of us stood there with a Vanilla Ice Cream, licking away while watching all the afternoon arrivals sat in their cars waiting for a parking space. Temperatures rising in both the weather and humans.

The Early Bird catches the worm.


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