To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo

Between Anthony and me, we boast quite a few tattoos, with Anthony having more than me.

For some, tattoos are merely about something they fancy at the moment—no deep personal connection, just an inked expression.

Personally, I believe a tattoo should carry meaning. After all, you're etching it onto your skin, and undoing that after a few years due to changing tastes or evolving sentiments can be quite a pricey endeavor.

Having contemplated a new ink piece for some time, I seized the opportunity over Christmas when I met up with my niece. Fortunately, she's a talented Tattoo Artist, and yes, I willingly pay the going rate for her skills.

My latest tattoo serves as a memory piece, capturing a significant moment. To explain simply, it immortalizes the times I took my daughter, at a tender age, to witness Nottingham Forest games. Picture her perched on my shoulders as we crossed Trent Bridge. Despite the misconception some may have, given my frequent presence at Mansfield Town events with my daughter, I've been a devoted Nottingham Forest fan since my earliest memories.

It's time to embrace this cherished memory and adorn myself with a new tattoo.

The initial step involves transferring the outline onto the leg with precision in terms of sizing and angle. This crucial stage allows for approval, providing a clear representation of the expected outcome. For me, it serves as the final checkpoint before committing, ensuring confidence in the design.

Paige inquired about my experience with numbing cream for previous tattoos, to which I admitted having no prior use. Intrigued, I agreed to give it a try. "Apply it a couple of hours before the tattoo," she advised. However, we proceeded without the numbing cream.

Truth be told, I'm not a fan of needles or the sight of blood. Oddly, though, tattoos don't bother me. There's something therapeutic about the process, akin to acupuncture in a peculiar sense.

As the needle penetrates, the adrenaline kicks in, carrying me through the next couple of hours.

Many tattooists are true artists, taking immense pride in their craft. Paige is no exception; she's meticulous about ensuring the details are spot on. The process always commences with meticulous outlines before any color is introduced, showcasing the dedication to precision and artistry.

As we delve into the shading, the piece starts to come alive. Around the half-hour mark, the initial pain transforms into a more bearable, dull sensation. Interestingly, the longest someone has endured under Paige's needle is a whopping 8 hours. Quite an endurance feat.

Now, the inevitable question: Do tattoos hurt during the process? Undoubtedly, yes.

The colors employed in my tattoo were Black, Red, and White. Yes, contrary to common belief, white ink can be used in tattoos.

With the shading, coloring, and a touch of white ink done, a thorough cleansing wipe-down concludes the session. Now, it's up to me to keep my skin adequately moisturized as the tattoo embarks on its healing journey in the days to come.

In my mind's eye, I find myself with my daughter on my shoulders, making our way over Trent Bridge to the City Ground.

As for what's next on the tattoo front, anyone who has experienced the inked allure will attest—it's quite addictive. Count me in on that sentiment, even though it's a bit perplexing. After all, I'm not a fan of needles or blood.



Beautiful post Andrew and lovely words 👏👏👏👏

Ian Shirley January 19, 2024

A lovely tattoo for a special memory , life passes so quickly , cherish all those amazing memories xx

Rachel Mayfield January 19, 2024

This is a lovely reminder for you of all those happy hours you spent with your daughter while younger love it and totally agree tattoos should carry meaning 👍🏽

Darren Wharton January 16, 2024

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