Brown Sauce


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In homage to Mr. Garton, the legendary Nottingham greengrocer behind the original sauce, we've embarked on a journey to create our very own masterpiece.

Back at our headquarters, concocting our unique sauce was always a whimsical dream until the right moment presented itself. Enter Chilli Bobs, the culinary wizards. With their extensive expertise, a treasure trove of knowledge, and months of meticulous tasting, we cracked the code. The result? A brown sauce that not only met but exceeded our expectations.

What's in this delectable blend? We've sourced the finest ingredients: Malt Vinegar (Barley), Onion, Apples, Passata, Prunes (sulphites), dark brown sugar, an array of spices, and a pinch of salt – all meticulously combined into a 240ml bottle of pure culinary delight.

But our sauce is more than just a condiment; it's a testament to craftsmanship and a dedication to bringing sauce production back to its roots in Britain. Each drop is a tribute to the tradition of exceptional taste, echoing the spirit of Mr. Garton himself.

Prepare your taste buds for a flavour explosion – this isn't just any brown sauce; it's the embodiment of our passion, crafted with care and shared with pride.

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