Charn Floral


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Experience understated elegance with our white shirt adorned with a blue floral print. 

At Sauce & Brown, we prioritize premium materials, making our shirts suitable for both casual outings and more formal occasions.

Prepare to make a lasting impression and subtly express your personal style with our men's summer shirts. Unleash the inner islander within you and let the sun-kissed vibes transport you on a journey to tropical bliss. Wherever you go, let the quiet allure of our shirts turn heads and make a statement that resonates with understated elegance.

This will shirt will start conversations and get admiring glances.

Individually numbered rivet on the cuff. There are and only ever will be One Hundred.

Shirt Sizings
14.5" - Collar - 102cm Chest - 40" Chest - Small
15.5" - Collar - 108cm Chest - 42.5" Chest - Medium
16.5" - Collar - 114cm Chest - 45" Chest - Large
17.5" - Collar - 120cm Chest - 47" Chest - XLarge 
18.5" - Collar - 124cm Chest - 49" Chest - XXLarge
19.5" - Collar - 130cm Chest - 51" Chest - XXXLarge


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