A window into MMA

Pre lockdown we took a visit at Sauce & Brown from Maxine and Christian who run their own gym and we spoke about me going down there for a look around and getting an introduction into their world and the life of MMA for the main purpose of writing a blog for you guys.

Like most things, Covid put a delay on getting round to it. But last week they both popped into HQ for a new shirt and the conversation was raised again. So we made plans and set a date for the very next day! No time to worry about what I was letting myself in for or to back out with a feeble excuse.

The mocking started, should I watch Rocky or Raging Bull that night to get in the mood, should I practice my crane kick or my one inch punch.

We had arranged for me to arrive at the Resurrection Gym at 9.30am, I awoke to a message from Andy which was a link to "Eye of the Tiger" obviously I didn't even open it.

Well, when I arrived it was not what I had expected. The gym is set within a 19th century church with all its glory on show. I was blown away by how unspoiled it was, especially with the challenges of fitting a gym inside.

I was met by Christian who has over 20 years MMA coaching experience and spent 10 years as a pro MMA fighter so I was in good hands. We started with some stretches and with me having zero experience in this field he showed me the basic punches and kicks, I then practiced these on a bag before stepping into the ring.

With a couple of minutes on the clock, Christian put me through my paces with what he had shown me. Physically it was demanding but also mentally, I had to concentrate to do as I was told with the pads whilst thinking about what my feet were doing and keeping my own guard up. I had all on hitting the pads I was being told to hit, never mind the reality of hitting a moving target whilst your would be opponent would be trying to hit you. After 5 or 6 rounds with sweat pouring down my face and me giving it my all when Christian said 1-2 I punched with both hands at the same time like a Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot. Not my finest moment.

With that he decided he would show me some of the ground tactics and moves. We moved onto the mats and he grabbed a filled dummy for me to practice on, at first it felt strange to mount and pin a dummy but after 10 minutes I lost myself and was busy pounding its head with hammer punches and pulling it into an arm lock. Stupidly I asked what an arm lock felt like......it hurts!

I spent an hour in the Resurrection HQ, learning so much and I spent more energy than I had in a long time with my head absolutely drained from the amount of concentration it had taken. It banished any pre conceptions I may of had about the world of MMA.

Christian was a star showing me the basics of Martial arts and I would like to thank both Christian and Max for inviting me into their home. 

Here's a photo of me fangirling.

 I have since picked up the gloves again.

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