Alton Towers - Still does it for me

With the summer sun blazing high (that's a lie, it was dull and drizzly), my wife and I decided it was time for a family escapade that would rival all others. Armed with an insurmountable sense of adventure and a dash of courage, we set off on a memorable day trip to Alton Towers, joined by our spirited 14-year-old daughter & her friend.

The epic Alton Towers kick-off, our day began with a decent attempt at waking the teens, to try and beat the flow of traffic heading to there.

The "Are we there yet?" chronicles. Our daughter & her friend contributed their own special touch with a flurry of "Are we there yet?", accompanied by the odd cat nap, checking their Snapchat and planning the rides. Whilst myself and co pilot navigated our way, not really navigated, just put on google maps and go forth with.

Exiting the scenic route, we finally arrived at Alton Towers, the sight of towering roller coasters against the sky sparked a mix of excitement and trepidation. Our 14-year-old dynamo was wide-eyed with wonder, reminding us that Alton Towers, or theme parks in general, still hold their magic.

Our teenager and friend eyed the roller coasters with a blend of fascination and nerves whilst munching their way through the first snack booth available. It's what teens do, eat and sleep.

Leading by example, my wife and I took the plunge and went straight onto Spinball Whizzer on a roller coaster adventure that had us screaming, laughing, and holding on for dear life.

That's it, we were on a roll.

However logical I tried to be in convincing the teens to do a section at a time (boring), it was a case of nigh on running from a ride in one zone, all the way across to another zone, to then go back to the zone we had just come from! At least our step count was through the roof. 

Notable ride of the day for me being Oblivion, still holds fear to me but went on it none the less. Wickerman, has a certain thrill attached to it so don't skip this one. Rita is still fast as f**k, but the scariest ride or whatever it is, is the Nemesis Sub Terra. Not going to say anything about it, but just do it! 

The Giggle-Inducing Ride Photos. No theme park expedition is complete without the infamous ride photos. Capturing moments of exhilaration and sheer hilarity, these snapshots had us in stitches. Our teenager's face transitioned from surprise to pure delight upon spotting her own photo, an amusing blend of amusement and bewilderment. We didn't buy any, just made sure we checked them out after every ride.

A day well worth the laughs and as the sun began its descent (yes it did come out), we gathered our memories. Our day at Alton Towers had been a whirlwind of laughter, adrenaline, and unexpected twists. Amidst it all, we learned that the journey holds as much magic as the destination and that family adventures are a glorious cocktail of chaos and connection.

The ride home was pretty uneventful. Teens asleep, co pilot asleep, while I steadily weaved my way back to base camp with music in my ears.

So, if you ever find yourself navigating the twists and turns of a theme park escapade with a 14-year-old dynamo and friend, remember that these are the cherished memories for all.  

And I want to go back.

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Another great blog post. Makes me want to go and experience it. Not been for years. Must check out wicker man and the other new one. Spinball whizzer is ace. Nemesis Sub Terra is something else. Oblivion is defo pure fear / relief

Rob Pruszak September 11, 2023

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