An itch I just had to scratch

Imagine feeling the wind in your hair, the thrill of acceleration, and the freedom of the open road—all on a motorcycle. This was the dream I had been harboring, and in the UK, it meant conquering two pivotal challenges: the Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests.

It all began with the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), a gateway to the world of motorcycling. I vividly recall the excitement as I embarked on this journey. The CBT was just a stepping stone for my ultimate goal: passing the Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests. The theory was a piece of cake, but then again, I put in a few weeks of work going through the highway code again and again.

As Mod 1 test day arrived, a mixture of nerves and excitement filled the air. Picture this: a controlled environment resembling a playground for motorbike enthusiasts. That's where I tackled the Mod 1 test. With a deep breath, I tackled each maneuver with the precision I had honed. Knowing that the examiner was rooting for my success boosted my confidence as I conquered the test. Here, I showcased my ability to deftly handle a motorcycle. From graceful U-turns to navigating figure-of-eights, smooth stops, and swerves, it was like dancing on two wheels. I took this module at the Lincoln test centre, which in itself was an awesome ride out on a fine spring morning. I took my chance to exhibit my finesse and control and rode away with a pass.

I spent the next few weeks road riding with my instructor, taking on many different scenarios, working on weak points, and gaining as much confidence as I could with the machine.

Once I had the skills in the bag, it was time to take on the real world with the Mod 2 test. An examiner accompanied me on a ride around Burton, providing directions through a radio. It felt like having a friend guide me through a normal ride. Staying attentive to their instructions, road signs, and the traffic around me, I enjoyed every moment of the ride. This module assessed my ability to navigate traffic, make safe decisions, and ride confidently—even in pouring rain.

Finding the perfect instructor and school was a game-changer for my journey. I got lucky with Steve at DMS. With his guidance and expertise, I felt more prepared to face the challenges ahead. His encouragement and insights were invaluable as I embarked on this exciting endeavor.

I possibly had a couple more lessons than I needed, but the wait for the Mod 2 test made it more important to keep my skills sharp. So, practice became my best friend. I spent countless hours refining my skills, practicing maneuvers, and building muscle memory. It wasn't just about preparation—it was about enjoying every moment of the learning process. We rode in all conditions, finding a different coffee shop on each lesson; we even managed a stop in the local bikers' go-to spot, Matlock.

My journey to conquering the Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests was a personal voyage of growth, excitement, and achievement. Starting with the CBT, I honed my skills, embraced practice, and relied on the support of knowledgeable instructors. Successfully passing these tests wasn't just about gaining a license—it was about embracing the challenge. Now, with the wind in my hair and the road ahead, I relish the freedom and joy that come with being a motorcyclist.


Well done, maybe we could organise a Sauce and Brown ride out!!

Tony Jacklin August 07, 2023

Well done. Bike is a great way of life. Take care

michael wells August 07, 2023

Very glad you took it all so seriously and very proud of your achievement as a busy working dad of 3 girls. Enjoy your time on your bike xx

Mum August 07, 2023

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