Cotton - Not just a fabric

You may buy a shirt, because you like it. 
We hope you buy ours, because you like them. 
Shirts can be made from Cotton, Poly Cotton, Cotton Rich etc, but we like to use pure unadulterated cotton. 
Most of our shirts are made from what we call a 50’s cotton, but now we have started using 60’s & 80’s too. Confused? Don’t be. 
50′ Cotton poplin is very durable, with a tight weave, which retains it smoothness. Our Ants Shirt is made from this fabric. This fabric was originally manufactured in the Papal town of Avington. The word Poplin is derived from the Italian name Papalino. History eh! 
Now 60’s & 80’s cotton which we use, is still classed as a Poplin, but is a lighter weight, giving a more silky feeling. And it’s true. Only last night I wore the Midnight Floral shirt, which is made from 80’s cotton. The feeling of this shirt is amazing. It’s like you are not wearing it. But you do know, as people were commenting how lovely it looked on, so I knew I was wearing it. 
Cotton. A natural product grown in various regions of the world. 

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