Why Annesley for Sauce & Brown?

Well, to start with all the team at Sauce & Brown are local.
It means a lot to us with some of the team having young families.
Commuting was something we did not want to do. 
Its not to say we don’t like travelling, we do. The team have and continue to travel East and West across the world, as we love to experience new places. 
Annesley is based in one of the old heartlands of the Mining & Textile communities in North Nottinghamshire. We are North of the Thames, North of Watford Gap and North of the River Trent. Yes, we live and work in the ancient deer hunting grounds of Sherwood Forest. 
Our store was originally a Co op Building, as mentioned above. Our goal is to restore the building back to its original condition, which we know takes time and money. 
Our backgrounds are Textile based, where we all worked locally for large suppliers to the high street. That makes us sound old, but we aren’t. This experience has enabled us to create Sauce & Brown in its One of One Hundred form. 
Annesley is reached by Junction 27 of the M1 and is on the main road through to Mansfield. Turn left at the Badger Box pub is the old call, on to Forest Road. The road name gives a clue to its past. This is an old mining community and the great thing about being up these parts, are the people. Black is black & white is white. Pure honesty with a great sense of humour. You have to understand the background of the area to appreciate the great work ethic, which comes from generations of miners and factory workers. 
Another great thing people never see when passing this area, is that all the old “Pit Tips” or “Slag Heaps” as they used to be called are all gone and are being replaced by country parks. 
A new development in Annesley was the building of Sherwood Business Park, which was a welcome relief after all the mines and textiles disappeared, offering jobs to the local population. This is built on the ancient Osier Beds, but that’s progress.
If you come off the M1 at Junction 27, you will pass by the Dakota Hotel on your left but on the right is Annesley Hall. The old heart of Annesley. It doesn’t look like this today, but plans are afoot to turn it into a Hotel & Restaurant. We have heard that before though. 
The Hall dates from the mid-13th century and was the home of the Annesley family, passing to the Chaworth family when Alice, heiress to the Manor of Annesley, married George Chaworth, third son of Sir Thomas Chaworth of Wiverton, in the 15th century. The Chaworth family were to possess the estate for the next 350 years. It was significantly enlarged and improved by Patrick Chaworth, 3rd Viscount Chaworth in the 17th century when damage to his family seat at Wiverton obliged him to move to Annesley. 
Back to Forest Road where Sauce & Brown live.
It’s still village life, with quite a variety of small independents.
Starting with the Badger Box Pub, a Hungry Horse eating house. Further up the road, you arrive at Ian Whites. The best little store for everything. Followed by a little Pet Shop, the Chemist, Dog Grooming and then Sauce & Brown. You then have a KK Hair & Beauty Salon, Gigi's Ladies & Kidswear, The Clubby (Working Mens Club), with great artists on at weekends, a Chinese, the obligatory Chippy, The Squire Musters (Great Micro Pub), Magenta, which is a Gift Shop, & the latest addition to the row is the Chop Shop, the new Mens Barbers. Then you hit Porterhouse by Barlows. Best Steaks out there & Breakfast.. Well worth a visit. You would not believe it is here and would not be out of place in any city. After we have the Post Office & then the Doctors. Round the corner is the new Co op and Forest Tavern. So its a typical Mining village, with the strength to move forward in the times. 
In the midst of all the doom & gloom, its great to see the small village of Annesley reinventing itself, to cater to the requirements of the Modern World. 
Strength in depth.
And all this is surrounded by countryside. 
The old hunting grounds of Sherwood Forest are no more, yet as an old, sometimes forgotten area, the people are forthcoming and changes are afoot. We are happy to have our home in Annesley Woodhouse. 
Pop in and see us, don’t forget we love a cup of tea and a chat. We are only human. 

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