English Cotton?

Those Dark Satanic Mills of history. Never to return. Why would they?

Well there is a return of the Mill, but not so Dark & Satanic. A new Cotton Mill has arrived back in Manchester. So could this be the revival of the Rag Trade here in the UK? We are not convinced, but we will try anything once.

We decided to trial the fabric and manufacture a Mens shirt using this "English" Fine Cotton.

The fabric had to be sent away to our Production facility offshore. Why? Because it is so expensive to make samples here in the UK. Also our factory produces such high quality Shirts, that we felt it necessary to give the fabric the best manufacture.

The cotton we received was stunning. Crisp & White. 100% Cotton - Supima Star (Best yarns ever) woven as a 2/100s x 2/100's. The feeling that this was woven in Great Britain sparked a fire back in us. Is there really a potential for a return?

Since receiving the Sample Shirts back, we know the fabric performs. We know the Shirt performs, albeit not Made in Great Britain. So where do we go from here?

Does the UK have a customer base that would be willing to pay £120 plus for an English Cotton Shirt? And does S&B have this customer?

As we have not finished with this project we will look at how we work this. We want this to work.

We will keep you posted on this project. It does have longevity.


Find out how M&S supply their english cotton custom shirts for the claimed 55 quid, but even so, yes, English quality spun and woven cotton with English quality tailoring and manufacturing easily worth 120 compared to the mass produced foreign crap out there today

Dave March 22, 2021

I for one would pay-£120 for a shirt of that quality because the price includes the feeling of knowing that what you have on your back is as good as it gets. Thats worth more than 120 quid, isn’t it?

Pete Edwards March 24, 2018

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