Manchester Fashion Week 2017 - Sauce & Brown

Sent a text at 7am on Tuesday 23rd May to confirm the event was still going ahead. Yes came the reply.

We knew the trains were cancelled as expected and people couldn't make the event because of the disruption. Local press were understandably occupied elsewhere but as they say in show business, the show must go on. We were more than happy to go, albeit with a smidge of trepidation. S&B had never done a Fashion Show before and we were fairly nervous, but for some strange reason the events of the previous night had nullified these feelings.

Arriving in Manchester was a bit weird. If you hadn't seen or heard of the previous nights events at the Arianna Grande gig then you may not have known anything had indeed occurred.

The show was at Manchester Met Uni, located in a very nice part of town. Entering the Union Building where the show was to take place, we were greeted with free tea & coffee. How very British. As we sat looking round at all the Students going about their day it became very apparent that life will go on. Divisions had not been made, as the Students of all creeds &  colours were mingling as normal. The formalities of the show had been sorted by this point and the student bar lunch menu was immense, not a pot noodle in sight. We had an hour spare so what better way to spend it than listening in on the next generation.

After lunch it was time to pick our models. Only half of the boys had turned up out of the selected 20. It was fine, we understand the predicament some of them faced but all the models were of great character & spirit, it turned into an easy selection process with the garments almost picking the models.

The organiser apologised about the possibility of a smaller than expected crowd. No worries on our part as it's our first ever fashion show.

6:30pm the show starts with us 4th down the runway, seated front row and trying to look calm & professional. The show went great, the music we chose worked perfectly and the audience loved the whole thing. We loved it too, what a great experience.

We obviously stayed till the end of the show to show our support to the event, the people who turned up and the whole of Manchester.

Our journey back to Nottingham was uneventful but beautiful nonetheless. We all had our minds thinking about the last 24 hrs.

Being British. What does it stand for?

We aren't 100% sure but the feeling of defiance, togetherness & being in Manchester felt very British to us.


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