Why the Coin Logo?

Well, this is where we started, right at the very beginning. We rattled Sauce & Brown in our heads for a couple of years, trying logo ideas, scrapping many and finally landing on the Coin logo.

The inspiration came from an old British Coin, the Shilling. As British as it gets, a great coin, with the Lion standing atop the Crown. We aren't Coin collectors, unless someone wants to throw us a few quid. Deep pockets.

Made originally from Silver. A precious metal, which related to our personal feeling of the brand we were creating. Precious to us and we want to create this feeling to all those who buy from us. We didn't want it to become just a T-Shirt.

So with the Shilling as the inspiration, we put our twist on it. We didn't want to derive too much from the Shilling, so look at a Shilling and you will see our logo. The finished logo was then left pinned to an old cork notice board for a while. Letting it catch our eye, seeing if we still loved it, if we didn't love it what's the point. From that day to this day we still love the logo.

So the British coin needed a British print house to start us on our journey. We didn't want any old printers, it had to be a high quality Artisan print house. The beauty of using artisan, is that they care. The work is loved.

We settled on a Print House, after months of trials, which is actually an environmentally friendly print house, which is no easy task, so big respect to them on that. The print is created by hand, so its not done by a new fangled robot. Not that we don't like technology, far from it but hand screen printing is a craft and we don't want it lost.

Back to the Logo. what would it look like on a T-Shirt? We couldn't do a sample, so we had to believe in the print house and our own design ability, cross some fingers and see how it came out the box. It was never in doubt.

We still love that first T-Shirt. Our first logo t-shirt, and let out to fly our flag in the world of t-shirts.

A logo is testament to the brand. It still feels fresh as the day we devised it, adorns our wall at HQ, we just had to use it again on other t-shirts going forward, although we changed the colour and size.

That was our start. Not on a whim.

Designed with love & hard work. 

Printed for One Hundred. All done for you, Our precious customer.

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