The return of England. In a sense.

Back in 2014, we had dreams. Those dreams we have every 2 or 4 years, when England play in a major tournament. Don't stop, it's not about England Football team at all.

It's just that we brought out a T-Shirt for the Brazil World Cup back in 2014.

One of the T-Shirts has come back after being butchered for three years by, a Butcher. He loved it that much it's hardly been off his back. But we had to have it back to see how it faired after 3 years. Literally tore it off his back.

So here it is.

Its not white anymore. He says his missus washes at whatever temperature she feels like on the day. Whites are white because they are bleached white to start with, Cotton is not naturally white. We have this conversation a lot with customers, you cannot get whites without it being bleached white to start with.

So this Fair Wear foundation garment, has not faired too badly.

It now has small holes where the Cotton has weakened over time. This naturally occurs, Cotton is a natural product so it will have its strength and weakness areas. It's  not manmade polyester. It shows some of the stitching has started to wear now but overall it has held together very well. 

The print on the front and back show fading, but this has been battered.

100% Organically grown cotton. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Carbon reducing & a Fair Wear Foundation product.

We are so pleased with this T-Shirt after 3 years that it will be framed.

An all round good show, unlike the England football team when it comes to the crunch.

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