Far East it is.

Its a long way. Make no mistake about it. Birmingham to Dubai – 6.5 Hrs, A couple of hours wait in Dubai Airport, then another 5.5 Hrs to Bangkok. Touch down in another world. City of Angels, Land of Smiles, or whatever terms you have heard about this place. 

From the Airport, its a 40 min drive into Town, if the traffic is in your favour. Been stuck for 2-3 hours before on this, which is not nice, after the flight. You want to get to the hotel, & have a minute. Long flights mess with the brain. 

The stay was outside the city, away from the 24 hour assault on the senses. Blue skies made the recovery better, from the grey skies of Great Britain. This place is hot. Whatever time of year you travel here. Check the emails, & time for dinner. 

Night time in the City is chaos. 4 lanes this way, 4 lanes that way, skytrain racing by overhead. Motorbikes ducking & diving everywhere. If this place doesn’t attack your senses, then no place will. Evening meal & bed. Get us to the factory. 

Time to dispel a few myths about Far East Factories, or the ones we work with anyhow. The workers are paid a living wage. Its the law here in Thailand. They are not sweat shops. Probably better working conditions than the days when we used to have the industry in the UK. Oh, & they don’t have child labour. Thats against the law also. Air conditioned, dust free, & very happy workers. They don’t have unemployment in Thailand. If you don’t work, you don’t get money. Maybe we could learn something from this? 
To make one of your shirts, takes 102 individual operations. It would take a worker 10 hours, to make 3 Sauce & Brown Shirts. This is relatively slow, if you want to take into account, that in a High Volume factory, it would be about 10 a day. Our shirts are made with the upmost care. Our shirts are about quality, from start to finish. 
To build our collections, we trawl through fabrics, identifying key trends, which we feel are right. Its a long drawn out process, not just done on a whim. 
After all the work is done, we hope you value your Sauce & Brown Shirt, as we are proud of what we create, & the people we create the Shirts with. 
Leaving the factory, with the sun setting, we are proud that such care & attention has been paid to our Sauce & Brown shirts. One of One Hundred will never be an easy task, yet we love the pressure of competing with the corporate big boys on the High Street. 

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