Handmade Leather

At S&B we decided to expand the range of products we offer you.

Every gentleman carries his cards and money in a different way so it was time for us to offer you the best money can buy.

In true S&B style this started by flicking the kettle on and letting the Yorkshire Tea mash. Just like our tea making, we both had different ideas on what makes the perfect wallet.

This may sound like a sticking point but actually it was perfect. If we both held different views then we would be right to assume our customers would be the same. We developed a few variations and showed a select few customers for feedback. The feedback was invaluable and helped shape the way we would attack designing all leather goods going forward.

The basic design process was the same as always when S&B is involved, sketch it out with a Biro and work out how you're gonna do it after. Design is key. The first appearances were so important so we kept the designs sleek and simple but with the ever present nod to S&B design details.

Each design came with a list of what we wanted to include in functionality. How do you do that with limited experience in leather? Enter Guy, an expert in his field and a top bloke to boot.

Guy understood what we wanted and the quality we wanted to achieve. He made our sketches reality using the finest Newton leather and hand craftsmanship.

Samples were in and we were blown away. This is testament to Guy and his experience. It's always great when things are correct first time, anything other than this is a waste of time for all involved.

Next up was packaging. If your purchasing a high quality product you need the experience to start the minute you hold the product, almost to the extent of building up the suspense of seeing the product. We chose an in keeping printed box with the product, sat within a matching magenta dust bag with leather stamp. 

So we think we nailed it but the proof is in the pudding or product in this case. 

Just for you out there wondering Anthony prefers the card holder and Andy the credit card wallet, both in black.

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