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If we follow the "Rules", we are supposed to have an "age" related customer.


Wether it be Topman focusing on 18-25 year olds, or Ralph Lauren focusing primarily on the 40 plus market, its what you are supposed to do. This has changed and we will tell you why.

The world is smaller and age is but a number. Simple as that. 

At one time, there were trends. Men wore the same, wether it be flat caps and jackets or became a Mod, a Punk, a goth or whatever trend there was. And these trends were age-related. You couldn't really be a punk in the 70's if you were a 50 year old. It's for the kids, the young, the rebellious. It's all changed.

Exposure to different cultures and trends has changed the model. A 50 year old nowadays who was maybe a Punk back in the 70's, can still be a Punk and nobody bats an eyelid. The days of grow up and act your age have gone, replaced by people being individual, which is the way it is supposed to be.

So whats our "target" market? Any man who wants to be individual or One of One Hundred. No age restriction, we have teenage customers and we have 70 year old customers. And all in between.

If you want to be One of One Hundred, you can be. We all have different styles, we try new things but its all about what suits you and what you feel comfortable in. It helps knowing there are only one hundred pieces of each design.

We are not about throwaway fashion like the high street. We are about a quality item which we hope you feel proud to wear. As many customers send us their photos from around the world, it gives us a great feeling that you are proud of wearing what we create.

Our products are not about being worn for a couple of nights out to then throwaway. This is hard for us as customers still have the shirt they bought two years previous. It still looks great, the fabric is still performing and probably most importantly they still love it. Maybe we should have gone down the cheap route of throwaway fashion? Definitely not.

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Spot on, age is just a number. There is much more freedom now to wear what you want, when you want. When I think of my dads generation, it was suits to go out, shirt tie and jumper for the sunday lunchtime session. It was a convention and thankfully we have done away with it. Not that I am knocking the suit, there is still a time and place.
Number one for me is being able to feel comfortable in what I wear, yet still be a little bit different from everyone else. 1 in 100? Yes please.
PS do I need another pole shirt? Probably not but then again….

Glenn March 31, 2017

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