Ibiza - White Isle Memories

Ibiza. Is it really all it's hyped up to be? Or was it?
Ibiza was a regular holiday for our family back in the 1980's when I was only around 12, but my memory is still vivid on this. We always stayed at Hotel Algarb in Playa Den Bossa, back when there was only a few high rise hotels, due to the beach being under the flight path, so who would want to stay there?
Nowadays the Space Monkeys cheer at the planes landing.
Back in the 80's it was a pretty quiet place, our family room would overlook fields behind the beach, where the women would be toiling all day long. From the hotel to Ibiza town there was not much on the beach. A few trinket shops and wooden bars, but it was quiet.
I was there when Aston Villa won the European Cup, there for the Espana 92 World Cup and also remember watching Aberdeen winning the European Cup while there, I would have to google the year.
Our Holidays in those days were made up of playing on the beach, playing football and staying up late at night drinking warm hot chocolate from glass bottles, while the adults got drunk into the wee hours. At this time there was only the odd bar in Playa Den Bossa, so we did have a regular bar. I can still see it now, of course it's no longer there.
My only memory of the music attached to Ibiza was when we had a walk towards Ibiza Town, went into an Underground Bar, which had a Black & White checked Dancefloor and Abba -Dancing Queen was playing.
Fast forward to the 90's, me and my wife were fully immersed in the music and dance scene. I had done raves in the late 80's & Zest/Renaissance had made its mark on our local music scene.
As a couple we headed back to Ibiza & Playa Den Bossa. These were the days when Space still had an outdoor terrace opening at 6 in the morning till whenever. I have no idea how we coped with it. 
Playa Den Bossa had changed from a quiet family friendly resort, to being the posh side of the Clubbing Island. As far away from San Antonio as possible. 
San Antonio was the base line for pissed up Brits on Stag & Hen do's or 18-30's shagging holidays. But you had to go to San Antonio, as it had the world famous Cafe Del Mar.
And of course I had to have my Stag Do in San Antonio, Ibiza. As we arrived at the Hotel, one of the lads turned his cap round and said "see you in 5 days". He discharged himself from hospital that week too! Westwood!
That's pretty much all you need to know about my Stag Do. Or printable.
Subsequently, we did have a couple more eventful holidays in San Antonio Bay, and did love each one. I think all the Brits had now moved over to Playa Den Bossa. It was also easier to get to the Super Clubs of Amnesia & Ku (Privelege), up in the hills from San An.
Another Ibiza Stag do in San An at some point in the 90's.
I remember strawberry daquiris at Cafe Mambo from Morning till night was the order of the day for one particular holiday, they made us pay round by round. One story from this was that one of the lads wanted to try Ecstasy. Knowing him well, I told him it would not be his "cup of tea", but he begged and begged me to source this for him, so sI obliged with half an E, all night he was off his face and came down to the point that he came in my room to feel safe. The next morning he told me that he was going to ring and tell his wife everything as he felt guilty. In truth I had actually given him half a Rennie tablet from my toiletry bag. He was already smashed on drinking Vodka Red Bulls all day he didn't even notice. Psyched up on half a Rennie :)
Ibiza had become a corner of our world. Soft top Jeep or Scooters to tour the island and I don't think we left any part of the island undiscovered. From the salt flats to the inner plains of Ibiza, we covered it. We loved the place but had we worn it out? 
We left Ibiza alone for a while whilst we discovered the Far East, but went back with our daughter many years later. Being in the Airport and on the Plane with the space monkeys was a bit overwhelming with a kid in tow.
Maybe we went back just for the memories. It was Ibiza. As we left it. Still off the wall if that's what you wanted, but also peaceful and tranquil if you wanted that. Maybe that's the magic of Ibiza, they live side by side and it can be whatever you want it be.
And yes, the sunsets are amazing.
But they are everywhere, go explore.
We now go to Menorca :)

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