London - On yer bike

All the local trails & beyond had been ridden in lockdown, so two of our customers went further afield.

We needed to figure out somewhere else to eat up the miles on our bikes, London seemed a bit different. It would be quiet due to the Tier system in place. A route was planned and on our merry way we went, heading south.

We left the local area at 5:30am with a couple of bacon cobs to eat on route, a staple for any trip. Was it brown sauce?

We booked parking off the Just Park App for only £14, two streets from White Hart lane. We parked up at 8:00 am, got the bikes sorted and set off on the 8 stadium London tour.

Just 15 minutes later and we had WHL in our photo backdrop, what an awesome stadium, everything about it is spectacular.

Next stop would be the Emirates, and no sooner had we got in the saddle we were out of it again, 8:40 am we rode around the ground, took some snaps and set off for the Regent Canal.

As we left Darron got a puncture, typical, in London with little shops open but as always a quick google for the nearest bike repairs, which happened to be less than 2 miles away. Cycle Docs Workshop on the Holloway Road saved the day, 30 mins later as good as new and we picked up the Regent Canal finally and left North London and headed west.

Next check in was at the QPR ground at 10:25 am, obligatory pics then off to pick the River Thames up asap and follow that towards the Fulham ground, 10:55 am more photos of the same men on the same bikes but with a different backdrop.

Chelsea was next on the agenda and we ate up the miles pretty quick. 11:06 am, a few more snaps to tick it off and a swig of water then off in the direction of Vauxhall bridge for dinner. Picked up the Thames again, it was eerily quiet. We arrived at Vauxhall at 11:40 am and had a bite to eat at Casa Madira 7/10.

We let lunch settle before our next stop, the lions, Millwall. We arrived at the Den at 12:28 pm, spoke to a couple of Millwall fans and wished them all the best in their fixture later that day. Stop number 7 was West Ham via the Rotherhithe tunnel, emerging extremely dehydrated after being in the tunnel we needed a beer! 12:55 pm. We happened upon Prince Regent in Limehouse, a sociable quick pint and chat with the locals, then set off for West Ham. West Ham got ticked of at 13:40 pm, a lovely open concourse to ride around the ground.


The final stop off was at Leyton Orients ground and we arrived at 14:05 pm the last few pics before heading back to the car at Tottenham. We snuck in one extra stop at the Ferry Boat Inn, Tottenham, for a quick and much needed pint.

Round trip give or take a few wrong turns, 42 miles, just a 2 and a half hour drive back to Kirkby with Darron asleep all the way home 😂😂😂

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