Staithes - Dunroamin

I Needed a break.

Away from Tier 2, potentially Tier 3.

Staithes is my hideaway, calming place. It is honest. Nothing pretentious about the place or the people. A mix of village locals, long term stayers & weekend breakers. On the coast, tucked away down in a valley, seemingly away from all the madness.

Around 8 miles north of Whitby, a steady 2.5 hours drive from Nottinghamshire.

Old world, yet accepting of the modern world. 

If you have ever been to Robins Hood Bay, then Staithes is its beautiful little sister.

I have been to Staithes quite a few times now, always a different cottage, & this time was a 200 year old Fishermans cottage, Dunroamin, tucked away on Chapel yard.

The cottage was a tiny affair, yet perfectly formed. Front room & kitchen downstairs, two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. The walls were as thick as a castle, & even in October, we didn't need the heating on. There is a log burner downstairs, & can just imagine being here on a stormy winters evening, safe from harm. Perfect if you were on a romantic weekend break away.

The car is left at the top of the steep hill, & you don't need to leave the village. 

The village has a couple of pubs, plus small shops for every other little things you need. Bacon & Newspapers at the butchers, wine from the shop, or Pasta from the other. I love this place.

One evening we were leaving the Cob & Lobster (Pub/Restaurant on the Sea Front. The best food place in the Village. Garlic Chilli Prawns then of course the signature dish Cod & Lobster), & decided on a pint in The Royal George. Wandered into the tiny tap room 12ft by 12ft with the football on, & there was sat Bob Mortimer & Paul Whitehouse. Jesus Christ, comedy legends!

There was only one other man in the tap room with it being so small, & conversation soon ensued between the four of us. Football, life & tap room banter was the order of the evening, & all I had in the back of my mind, was would I be able to get a photograph. 3 pints in & I asked the question.

"Of course you can"

It was such an incredible evening, but felt so normal. Bob & Paul were as you would expect them. I can ball ache for ages about the conversation.....

Bob is a Middlesborough fan, & Paul a Spurs Fan. I did ask Paul about the new Spurs Stadium, & he replied "You mean the new NFL Stadium for Soccer?", in an American accent.....

Next evening as I went to the Art Gallery, Paul crossed my path once again. "Evening Andy, you had a good day?", "Yes thanks Paul, & you?"

"Been out at sea, great day, see you in the pub later"

And we did, as if we were both locals.

Back to Staithes. Come here if you want to escape the world, or just go walking. Its made for the slower pace of life. Catching your breath & your thoughts. I could go into more detail, but I urge you to visit this place & find out for yourself.

The Art Gallery is beautiful too.

P.S - Dont tell anyone else. Keep this place to yourself.........


Ayup andy, we found staithes a few years ago, lovely place. We stayed at hinderwell and walked into staithes. The arts festival in September is well worth a visit. 👌😁

Tracey wright November 18, 2020

Lovely place and great pubs, if you fancy some exercise nice walk to Whitby for a pint or two and the bus back to the top of the hill

Mark Wilkinson October 29, 2020

Hi Andy , we used to go every year from Dec 28th through to Jan 2nd .
Stopped going about 7yrs ago , but we always talk about the place . It is special . Sshhhh

Andy Whatnall October 29, 2020

Me and Tony have walked down that hill many a time, it’s a beautiful place. Glad you enjoyed it. X

Margaret Shipman October 28, 2020

Hi froggy. We love this place been goin 4 over 10 yrs now beautiful n unspoilt ssshhhh . Take care x

Simon clarke October 28, 2020

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