Making it in Great Britain

We want it cheap, we stack it high, and no one wins.

Cheap products, cheap labour and at the end, its a greater spend. Think about that.

The days of Textile Mills working all day and night in North Nottinghamshire are long gone. Archived away in Black & White, while we bemoan this once great Industry.

"Factory Friday break up for Christmas was a great day. It was like the whole town was out on the lash come 12 O'clock on that Friday. Good times, Really good times, Hard but fair."

It will never come back,but there is and always will be a hardcore of Textile companies still weaving or knitting away in this once great textile heartland. We are proud to say we work with one of these companies, producing our Hats & Jumpers.

Somewhere down there in Mansfield, is a small knitwear company, predominantly producing British Wool Garments for the Japanese market. Seems like the Japanese know quality but then again they always have. No pulling the wool over their eyes, so to speak. The Japanese like perfection, so good enough for the Japanese, good enough for Sauce and Brown.

Last year we ventured into this Mill with no expertise or knowledge of producing knitwear.

Fortunately for us, the owners were lovely, & quite excited that a couple of lads would attempt this brave move into British Knitwear. A tour of the Mill reminded us of the past. We have both been in the industry since leaving school(ish), and the Mills have certain smells, which are reminiscent of times past.

History lesson over, we developed our first few jumpers with the owner in pure British Wool. You can even trace the wool back to a certain farm through its certification which you have to admit is very cool.

Our latest venture has been the development of a Merino/Acrylic Jumper. 

Why Merino?

Merino Wool Yarn is yarn made from the fleece of the merino wool sheep. Merino are prized for their incredibly soft coats, and in turn produce the most amazing of fleeces and even more amazing yarns for knitting.

Blending Merino with Acrylic enables a winning combination of hardwearing and durable properties.

We have produced this in a variety of colours as above, plus Pavement Grey, Deep Wine and to come through soon, Olive, Purple and Navy.

Everything about these jumpers remind us of the quality we used to expect of the big brands out there. Should we charge more? Most certainly, but we are building our brand and need our customers to believe in our products. You earn trust.

As always, we have only produced One Hundred in each colour. That's our mantra.

We feel pride in what we have produced and we would like you to feel the same.

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