Menorca - A Tale of Two Capitals plus Football

Two weeks all inclusive in the Med. That's the classic British Summer Package holiday.

Yet does the Island of Menorca, which I have frequented on numerous occasions, have an alternative.

Menorca is not as touristy & developed as its sisters, Mallorca & Ibiza. This is due to the Menorcan people voting against General Franco, so when the investment for mass tourism came to be, he didn't give any to Menorca. 40 years later, this is a blessing in disguise.

UNESCO declared Menorca a biosphere reserve on 8 October 1993 in recognition of the high level of compatibility between the development of economic activities, the consumption of resources, and the conservation of heritage and landscapes on the island, a practice still maintained today at an exceptional level.

If you like walking, mountain biking or horse riding etc, then Menorca is perfect off season, when it is a bit cooler. The Cami de Cavalls is an ancient path of 186km, which encircles the island. you can read more here:

So back to the title of the blog, a tale of two capitals. Menorca has its original capital in the west of the island, Ciutadella. Founded by the Carthaginians in the 4th Century. Ruled by the Moors, invaded by the Turks and so many more.

If you arrive in Ciutadella by Bus or Taxi, you would be forgiven for thinking you had arrived in North Africa.

Mahon, the modern capital of Menorca, is located on the east of the island. 

Mahón has one of the longest natural harbours in the world: 5 kilometres long and up to 900 metres wide. The water is deep but remains mostly clear due to the port's enclosed nature. Hence when the British invaded & ruled Menorca, they made Mahon the new capital.

So is Menorca an ideal short break or city break destination? I believe so.

Both capitals have different feelings. Ciutadella more touristic, & Mahon more working, but both as beautiful as each other. By bus, it's around an hour between the two, so you could actually do a dual city break, with beaches close at hand.

Football wise, Menorca has 12 Football Clubs! On such a small island, that's very impressive. Late Summer early autumn, could be a football weekend break away.

CD Menorca is located 5-10 minute walk from the centre, & is a beautiful setting and well worth a visit.

When I was there, the first team trials were being finalised, & we were warmly invited to watch and chat.

There is a website dedicated to Football on the island.

Both capitals have a plethora of bars & restaurants to suit all tastes & pockets. From indoor markets to Harbourside restaurants. And not forgetting Shops, which the capitals have, from tourist stuff to hidden away skateboard/surf shops.

My advice is just wander the streets and see what you find.

Menorca. Two hours away from the UK & so much more to offer than beer in a plastic cup round the pool.

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Menorca is one of my favourite places on earth…I’ve been three times….the harbour at Calan Bosch is amazing at midnight when the hundreds of fish migrate out to sea…you can watch them from the bridge…to return in the morning

Teresa Ashton August 31, 2022

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