Porthleven - Again

Writing this in Autumn may be strange, but we all like to plan ahead for next year. 

The Summer just gone was the annual trip to Cornwall. Yes, I have had my fill of Cornwall, but the powers that be had decided to go back to Porthleven. Returning to the same place is something I actually don't like, but Porthleven, as in my previous blog about Cornwall, seems to have a certain pull. Maybe it is because it has a Football Ground, but I do like Porthleven. Fact.

Instead of the usual overnight stay on the way down, we decided on a 5 am start from Nottinghamshire and drive straight there. A breakfast stop at the posh Farm Shop Services somewhere near Gloucester, then arriving in Porthleven around 11. Not too bad a run to be fair. (Still, no speeding tickets have arrived at this point in time).

The beauty of Porthleven, is that it never seems to get too busy, so still retains its village-like atmosphere, but I was interested to see how much had changed in 2 years.

After an early start and a 6-hour drive, my daughter was going to be playing in a football match that same afternoon! If that was me I would have swerved it. This came about due to a message from the Football Club regarding sponsorship. So she played for Cornwall Girls U15 Select 11. Something different and a great experience. Front row bottom left.

Now if you are ever heading to Porthleven for a holiday, & you like a cheap beer, then the Football Club has a Clubhouse. Join as a member (£6), & you get a pound off every pint you buy. Bargain.

With football finished it was time for a few beers and to go and find our cottage for the week. To be honest, it wasn't the best, but we only normally lay our heads down at night, so not going to make too much of it.

Porthleven is tucked away down the bottom of Cornwall, not too far away from Mousehole, Penzance the Lizard or St Ives. So a great base, having a few Pubs, Restaurants and the all-important beach.

Evening time in Porthleven for us is usually spent at the Ship Inn. A proper old Cornish pub, but there is a new addition in town. Shoals Brewery, just behind the harbour at Porthleven is the Shipyard, which is now more used for Food, Drinks & Arty places. Here sits Shoals Brewery in one of the Buildings.

The picture below of Shoals speaks for itself, a great addition to the village and the Pizzas are to die for too.

The first full day in Cornwall was just a relaxing day in the village. Eating drinking and generally lazing about. Watching the world go by. 

That's what holidays are for right?

The next morning we decided to head over to St Ives. I have to be honest, it's not my go-to place. Too busy, too touristy and overpriced. Yep, I am still grumpy. 

We drove to St Erth and caught the coastal train into St Ives. Beautiful. Then it rained as we left the Station. The streets are rammed, cafes are full and it didn't change my mind about St Ives. It's just not for me, unfortunately. However, after a day of rain, the sun shone on the way back to the Station and looking back towards St Ives, it looked like a picture postcard. Maybe St Ives just doesn't like me.

Back to Porthleven, Chippy Tea, a few beers and a late night.

Morning comes and I had already made my way (alone), for a full English Breakfast in one of the Cafes I had spotted. They were all still asleep and I don't mind a bit of me time, before I return to the clan, for a ride over to the very beautiful Helford Village.

Parking up I noticed the quirky cafe below in an old church. Holy Mackerel, what a name. They did the best Crab Sandwiches ever. Well, it was mid-morning afterall.

A walk around this beautiful village by the river, was well worth a visit & then it was over to Kennack Sands, which we had not been to before, we had another walk and somefood. Food is always around the corner in Cornwall. Kennack Sands is dog friendly, & was lovely and quiet. Not sure if it's like this all the time though.

That evening we headed back to Porthleven and there was a reserves football match on. So I did the decent thing and went to support the local club. Remember the beer price & that membership cost and I took no convincing whatsoever.

I'm pretty sure I had a few too many that night, so the next day doing a coastal walk over to Looe Bar, in the rain, was a sobering experience, to say the least.

After a hard day of walking, another chippy tea was on the cards and a cosy evening was spent in the Ship Inn. This is the pub the locals use too, so it's a great mix of people.

Cornwall is about spending time at the Beach, or finding Dog-Friendly ones, eating and drinking.

The top tip for a Dog-Friendly beach around here is Dollar Cove or Gunwalloe, it's the same place, beautiful beach and good walks.

To summarise, Porthleven is my go-to place. It's quaint enough without being too touristy. The locals are friendly, it has a football club, beers and food. Shops with nick-nacks, art and the usual things you find down this way. And it's not far away from anywhere down at the bottom.

Book away.

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