Nearly 2000 miles in the search of sun.

The glorious Canary Islands offer that little bit of heat in the middle of a UK winter.

Like most, with the pandemic and restrictions, it's been a couple of years since we've been to a beach abroad as a family. It fell just at the right time, there were no tests or extra paperwork to speak of so it all felt relatively normal.

We've been lucky enough to visit Lanzarote before, this time we stayed at Playa Blanca with a view of the beach from our hotel. A nice 10 am flight from EMA got us to the Canaries for just after lunch and a short coach ride and we arrived at our hotel, Lanzarote Park.

From the minute the glass doors to reception parted, the service was top class right until we checked out. Day one was a bag dump, swimwear on and dive in at the deep end quite literally.

I would say the children when awake spent 80% of their time in the pool or mid-air leaping into it in some random shape. Even on the morning of the freak hale storm, it's safe to say they had missed a warm holiday and the crazy fun you can have.

Most mornings I left the girls to catch up on their sleep. I got on my running trainers and set off exploring the coast, surprisingly I wasn't the only one awake at that time taking in the views, I finished off with a dip in the Atlantic ocean to cool off.


We spent one morning visiting the nearby marina for market day taking it all a little slower and checking what the locals were selling. Another day was spent up at Texas Ranchos zoo/waterpark, we enjoyed the shows and like how clean the whole place is and at 30 euro per adult, we think it's good value too so would recommend that. Of course we did the must do holiday pass time, dig a hole and bury daddy.

All in all a lovely week in the sun enjoying the food and family time and I bumped into an S&B customer out there.


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