NFFC Away - The Women's game

"Shall we go to Hull?" I said, "On Sunday?"

"What for?", came the reply.

The Forest Womens team were playing away to Hull City Ladies & I quite fancied an away day, which actually materialised into a night away for us. Memories of following Forest away to Old Trafford, Bristol etc came flooding back. That was a long while ago however.

So to back story, I am a Forest Fan, well 70% of me is nowadays. As my daughter plays for Mansfield Town now so I have to give up 30%. However, my daughter is also a Forest Fan and loves Forest Women, whom she has had the honour of training with and been to quite a few matches. At the Forest Soccer Camps in the summer is where she spotted her favourite player, Katie Middleton.

Away tickets to the tune of £5 each were purchased, plus £0.01 for the child. Big spenders. P.S, we are also Season ticket holders for Nottingham Forest Women too.

I booked a hotel for the night and when Sunday morning arrives we tackle the short 1.5 Hour drive up to Hull. We find the Haworth Park ground, then pop to the outskirts of Hull for a quick bite. 

Now the Women's game is obviously not as popular as the Men's game, but don't let that put you off. The skill level has risen dramatically over the years, and you may see better play than in the men's game. That's the truth.

The ground itself had a small stand on one side, plus a two tier clubhouse. Reminiscent of a lower league ground back in the day.

"Do you expect a win, the Turnstile guy asked as we flashed our E-Tickets. "Of course I do", I said, followed by "I am a Forest Fan". The banter had started.

I would say there was a couple of hundred fans there with a good atmosphere. One Hull Fan sang constantly throughout the game, and we found out that he gets a free season ticket for his endeavours. Top man.

Back to the Forest Team. We have watched them in training, during the trials and friendlies and know that under the guidance of Andy Cook and his staff, they are pushing for promotion this season. It is a real friendly but hard working group of Players and Management staff, very approachable and very much together.

They have a goal.

The game itself was relentless attack from Forest, against a young Hull side, but I came away from the game noticing the togetherness of the whole Forest outfit

On behalf of my daughter, Sauce & Brown have actually sponsored a Forest Player, Mai Moncaster, whose father we got chatting with during the game. That's how close knit the whole women's game is and you get to understand what these girls have gone through to get to this level. It's very tough.

Forest came away 6-0 winners, and the next few games will test this set of players to their limits.

Milly Rose, my daughter, obviously had a great time, once again getting to meet her favourites at the end of the match. The Forest Players themselves show a genuine interest in the next generation, and are willing to talk and interact.

True role models who have helped my daughter more than they will ever know.

So if you are ever stuck for a game to watch on a Sunday afternoon, check out your local women's team. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Nottingham Forest Women play their home games at Eastwood Town.

For those ignorant enough not to believe in the women's game, then that's your loss. 

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