Top Ten Vinyls at S&B

If you have been to HQ, you know we love to spin vinyl when we can. Not always possible when packing orders or with customers. Yet we do love the Vinyl.

Looking through our in store collection, we have picked out the Top Ten which get spun the most recently.

In no particular order:

Starting with Baxter Dury. Yes, Baxter is the son of Ian Dury, of Ian Dury and the Blockheads, so there is always the chance of him being in his Fathers shadow. Night Chancers is dark, warm & dirty. Think of a half cut return from a weekend away full of up and down emotions and that is Night Chancers.

Up next is a bit of harsh post punk from Swedish band Viagra Boys. This is messy in a good way and you don't know where the hell it will take you. Give it a few listens before you judge them. They are in fact taking the piss on most of these tracks, so look for the comedic side on this debut album from them.

Bicep. Do you put these into the House category of music? Sounds from the Belfast boys which could easily have graced the DJ Turntables in the 90's at Renaissance. Put Isles on at your House Party and feel this. You will not want to skip a track.

On to the next one with Sault. We were in London at the time of this album release, and just asked the Record Shop owner to give us something new which we would not know about. Actually, know one knows who Sault are.  Funky, soulful and a bit of dub thrown in to this musical journey.

Moving on swiftly to Big Red Machine. A collaboration of  Aaron Dessner of The National, and Bon Over. Its something a bit different, but familiar if you like The National. Different quirks throughout with guest appearances. Its a ponderous and gorgeous album.


Zola Blood. Infinite Games is probably Anthonys favourite spin at the moment. A modern Electro Alternative album which draws its influence from the past. Think of Depeche Mode crossed with New Order. You will feel that you know this album, or where it belongs in your musical mind.

If you have not heard of the Idles by now, you have been living in a musical wilderness. Joy as an act of resistance. The boys from Bristol deliver a big dark sound with a bit of fun thrown in. Should it be classed as a classic punk album? It does it for us.

The fifth album from Detroit post punk band Protomartyr. First heard this in Rough Trade Nottingham, and was bought on a whim. Dark, sorrowful, bleak and beautiful. Ultimate Success Today is a great entry point to this band. Get ready for Stadium guitar riffs too.

Billy No Mates. The lady of the house to us. Innovative post punk with a dance influence thrown in for good measure. She sings what she thinks and is not set out to be a people pleaser. Quirky and resistant. Get this on.

Finishing up with Paul Weller - Wild Wood. One of the best albums of the 90's, or maybe in history? Everything is thrown into Pauls second solo album. Folk, Psychedelic, soul, punk and blues. One of those albums you would take on a desert island and never get bored with it.

We continue to invest in Vinyl and support artists.

Music is not a digital thing. Its something to feel inside.




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