Ollie Hynd - One of One

We love being One of One Hundred. Yet there are exceptions to the rule. 

Take Ollie Hynd. Local sporting hero. One of One. Beat that.



Lets forget what he has won and lets take a look at this young man.

If you want a role model, here he is. Polite, charming, caring. All those words you would use for a true young gentleman. A credit to his parents.

Now take into account what he has achieved and it really should have gone to his head. Yet it hasnt. He is the same delightful person.

More gold than the Bank of England yet still no swagger.

We would be walking around like we owned the country. But not Ollie. Pops in to say hello, has a cup of tea and a general chit chat.


So in a world where small achievements seem to get the press, or C grade celebrities fill the papers, lets list his achievements.

3 Golds, 2 Silvers & 1 Bronze in the Paralympics (London & Rio)

4 Golds & Bronze in the World Championships

6 Golds & 4 Silvers in the European Championships

1 Gold in the Commonwealth games

And he has an MBE, among his other awards.

Have a read about Ollie on his official page


Next up is Tokyo Paralympics in 2020. We want to go there.

Sauce & Brown Ollie Hynd Fan Club

Moral of the Ollie. You only get out what you put in. One of One.

Moral of the S&B. Smile and the world smiles too.


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