Our Embroidery route for One of One Hundred.

There are lots and lots of Embroidery routes out there. Search on the internet and its saturated with them.

We wanted to find a route of high quality and consistency. Trials are always a good way to find the perfect partner. Yes, you have to spend some money but it's money well spent. Think of it as a future investment.

A good reliable route will reap the rewards going forward.

Our route is based here in the "Shire". Love saying that, as it reminds me of Lord of the Rings.

Okay, it's Nottinghamshire. Still, its local to us and we feel it is good to support the local companies.

Did we go the cheap route? Hell no, this embroiderer does all the interiors for a high end British car brand. It's all we can say. Papers of confidentiality had to be signed or we would be flung off to some godforsaken Island. And we don't mean Richard Branson's Necker Island. Now there's a place to stay.

The studio is a beautiful place, it's an old converted barn in a sleepy village. One of those places you would love to work, full of yarns and inspiration. Its not what we can do today, its what we can also do in the future.


All our Embroidery is done on a single head machine. Slower than the production machines but again, it shows the attention to detail we want.

All One Hundred pieces are done this way.

We are proud that we can keep parts of our business in Nottinghamshire, which was in the past a hot bed of everything textiles. Our small orders help to keep the industry alive, albeit in a very small way but the industry is still here, if you want to produce a high quality product.

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