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Stick with us till the end on this. 
Our HQ is based in the old heartland of Mining in North Nottinghamshire.  
A place where men used to work down the mines and women worked in the Textile Industry. Not an easy life, but its what was done and known. 
It wasnt all flat caps and whippets back in the days. It was actually a vibrant yet tough environment.  
Football and music has always been a big part of life up here. An escape from the long hours and hardship. 
P.S - Dont believe the hype about grim up north. That has passed by.  
As we enjoy the black and white of life "up 'ere", we wanted to represent the past in our Birdcage T-Shirt. 
A canary in a coal mine, is an advanced warning of danger. 
If there was Methane or Carbon Monoxide detected, the canary would die before endangering the life of the human. 
So the innocent canary died to save the Miner. 
Cruel, but thats how it was. 
So why would we want to represent this? 
Because throughout time, innocents always get hurt 
Now lets not put a downer on this. It happens. Today, tomorrowa nd in the future. 
Our canary is bright yellow, representing its true colour. Yellow is the colour associated with spontaneity, amusement & happiness. 
Yes he, or she is dead. Dead like the Mining Industry where it was once used so cruellly or usefully. Depending on your views. Its the past, we can only change the future. 
So our Birdcage is a double edged take. Harsh yet happy, but representing those innocents. 
Welcome to our world of One of One Hundred. 

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