One Weekend. Two Corporate Hospitality.

It's s always good to get invited on a Corporate night out. 

Not always about business, more so about having a good time, which we did.

First up was Nottingham Rugby, courtesy of Air IT, with Paul Judge.  A Friday Night affair. If you haven't been down to Nottingham Rugby, it really is a great night out. 

Rugby fans are renowned for liking their beer, but they always seem to get along with each other. The Bristol fans were out in force for this televised game on Sky Sports. 

I was on a table of Ten, with various people we didn't know, but amongst them were Notts TV . A good host to introduce the nights events before moving onto a three course meal accompanied by copious amounts of Beer. Big shout out to the outstanding Meat Pies.

Yes we watched the Rugby. A balmy April evening where you could actually stand outside, drink beer & watch the game. Nottingham lost but we headed back to the Marquee for more beer and mixing with the fans & players which doesn't happen at football. The night ended listening to live music before the taxi came and whisked us away for more beers which we will keep quiet about.

Saturday morning, slight hangover, but up next was a Corporate at Mansfield Town FC.

Probably the best corporate in this league and we have to say well up there among higher division clubs. Extremely well organised with fantastic staff, informal atmosphere and great food. The Stags were playing Crewe and from talking to the fans around the ground a win was on the cards. Talking to a few die hard fans on our table , it was a necessity.

We took to our seats and after 35 minutes, Mansfield were 4-1 down. Lots of offing & gaffing all around and a very sombre mood in the hospitality suite at half time, bordering on sour. Not sure what happened at half time, but thinking about 20 cans of Monster Energy was forced into every player, as it was like the Alamo for the second half.

The Stags lost 4-3. A great game for a neutral, and one we thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, the weekend was great fun. 

Two totally differently supported sports to be fair, but loved them both.

The secret here is that Corporate Hospitality is not so expensive down at this level. 

Well worth a try. Or goal. 

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