Sauce & Brown Chambray Shirt

Back in May 2015, we released the Chambray Shirt. 
A beautiful piece woven in 50's long staple comapct yarn. We trimmed the shirt with a sharp red matching cuffs & collar and using white stitching. We knew as soon as we received it that it was a stunning piece.  
To us at Sauce & Brown the shirts are not just shirts but pieces we have created. We think, we create and take passion in what we do. 
We dont want to be part of the Clonesville High Street. We want our pieces to remain One of One Hundred. 
So why revisit this shirt? Well we could revisit any of our shirts, but one of the team has worn this shirt to death over the last 19 months. 
Possibly worn at least once a week. Still worn for nights out and smart days at the office. So if we were doing a wearer trial on this, it would not have been battered this much. 
As we keep telling our customers, we dont use the cheap fabrics which people have become accustomed to. 
That is why it is still being worn today. 
Same shirt, same buttons, same stiching and still wearing well.  
It wont last forever, we can't admit to that, unless you dont wear it. But for a shirt to be worn & washed over 100 times proves to us what a quality product we are producing. 
Yes the fabric has silghtly faded, the fabric has become softer with age. (which we expect) 
We always ask people to weigh up the lastability of a product. Some people only want a shirt for one season. Its your choice. 
Quality lasts. (We remember the High street used to be the same.) 

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