Sauce & Brown so far.

We started back in 2014, April to be exact. Not knowing where this road would take us, but up to yet, it's been hard work and fun. Never discount fun when you are working. We virtually live at work, what with all the Social media and messages etc. You dont switch off so you better enjoy it.

So looking at how we have grown a brand in a difficult period in time and slipping 'n' sliding our way into a world, which is predominantly owned by big corporates, what have we achieved? 
Loyal customers first & foremost. Along come friends and they will pass comment without any emotion. If its right, its right, wrong and they will damn well tell you. Fortunately, we seem to get it right. They then pass on the information and good words about Sauce & Brown. 
We didnt have a shop to start with, so people were coming to see us. We had a stock room. No shop, no racking, nothing. Maybe a few blank expressions. 
So August 2015, we found new premises, with an aim to make a small shop. More for brand awareness than a shop. Late nights and hard work and we have a shop. We spent money. Hey, we can do this on the cheap, but it wouldnt cut with our savvy customers, so yes, money was spent. 
But we love it. We will do a blog about it at some point. 
Back to S&B, we thought we would give a bash at some local awards. At least we would get the chance to dress up like penguins and smash the bar, win or lose.  
2015 saw us get Highly commended as Small Business of the Year. We didnt win, but we got drunk. On a school night as well. Friday was a comedown. We loved it, so back on the trail of Awards, another night out saw us as Finalist of New Business of the year and highly commended in the Entreprenurial Spirit Award. Loved that. Entrpreneurs. You see them on Dragons Den. And yes, we had to go through a Dragons Den Experience.  
Short story. We pulled up at the place of Dragons Den esque interview and pulled up next to a spanky Bentley. Not parking the BMW at the side of that, so a quick reverse saw us mash the side of the BMW down a Brick Wall.  
Fast forward to 2016, another Dragons Den experience. We're getting used to this now.  
And bang, we won. Entreuprenurial Spirit of the Year Award. Interview on the radio while being drunk is not the best. "Whats your plans for the future?" "Global". We didnt mess about, but a few years to go yet. Another School night and last to dance at the Disco. McDonalds was a saviour that night/morning.  
Next up for the Awards is Small Business of the Year Award. A couple of weeks to go till this one. We will keep you posted. 
If you have followed us from the early days you will see we are expanding with our products. We expect this to keep growing. 
We listen to what our customers say and indeed what they like.  
Our customers. Age range is from, well all ages to be fair. There are some trendy dads and grandads, as well as the Teens who want our stuff. Its easy to mix things up by only doing a hundred pieces. 
Of course we are big music fans here. And our taste in music is right across the board. Dont be suprised if you walked in on us, with the Gladiator soundtrack playing or a bit of the Clash followed by The Foals or someone. We really mix it. 
So you will see products come and go. Thats what happens with One of One Hundred.  
We do have big plans. 
Now we are signed up with a Media & Marketing group, we expect growth. The routes are in place to increase our product offerings and we have enough ideas locked in our brains to keep this growing.  
Will we lose the One of One Hundred? No. Will we look at One in Ten? Yes.  
We could bore you all day with our growth plans. Designing from a Yacht moored up in Monte Carlo sounds good.  
So stick with us on this journey. It will always be us you see and speak to or message. We cant see us losing that personal touch. 
And the more we grow, the more we can give back, but we wont give back by skimping on crap products. We care about our products, as we designed them. 


Love the concept…love the clothes …service is exceptional & they will chat for hours to you if you pop into the shop…or maybe that was me that just banged on !

Paul Wood July 04, 2023

all jokes aside class clothing

liam May 16, 2022

absoulutley class clothing pulled me manny birds thankyou daddy ;)

liam May 16, 2022

This is great thing. I like that clothing. Nice clothing. Keep work up! You great! Amazing job! Pog!

Jacob Taylor May 12, 2021

hi as always fantastic clothing top quality av a great xmas & new year all the best daz

Darren Edwards December 29, 2020

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