We all love Italian

The day prior to England playing Italy in the European Cup final, we decided on a trip to Nottingham to see how our local city was fairing. and to have a look at the biggest St Georges cross in the country.

As the sun was shining, Nottingham City Centre was busy, great to see, and the bars and restaurants were all looking full inside and outside. It felt very much like Southern Europe.

We decided to go for a family lunch and off to the Pitcher & Piano we went. It's an old Church converted into a bar & restaurant with outside dining, so seemed an ideal choice. It was full.....Covid times hey.

As we walked forlornly back out the gate, I noticed a small Pizza Restaurant across the road next to Brass Monkey, which I had never seen before.

Pizza anyone? I normally have a Dominos at work on a Tuesday, when I can feed Anthony on a two for Tuesday deal, but beyond that, not had a Pizza in a while.

The Pizzas being eaten outside looked pretty good, so in we went. Table for 3 please, past the Pizza oven kitchen at the front, and into the Restaurant, where I was immediately transported to a Pizzeria in Sorrento. I am not in Nottingham any more.

The owners of the Restaurant are true Neapolitans, the birthplace of Pizza. Naples to those of you who don't know.

So I really felt that I was in Southern Italy now, and the test is whether the food would keep me in Italy.

Olives and Salads to start, typically drizzled in whatever simple magic oil they put on their greens. It never tastes the same at home.

A couple of recommended Pizza were ordered to the background Italian music. You know it's a true Pizzeria, when they have a sign on the wall saying No Pineapple on Pizza.

A bit more chit chat with the owners while awaiting the Pizzas, and discussions of all things Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. Take me back there.

Pizzas duly arrived and yes, they are something special. The dough is fermented for 24 hours to alleviate that "heavy" dough feeling and close your eyes and you are back in Italy.

Finishing the meal with an Espresso and Limoncello truly sealed it.

We will definitely return, maybe for a romantic meal for two, with lots of Italian wine. 

If you are ever in Nottingham, in need of quality Pizza, give Pizzamisu a try. You will not be disappointed. And don't ask for Pineapple.

P.S - They love Football too.

We truly found Naples in Nottingham. In the Lace Market.

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