You don't even like Take That

I'm not a Take That fan, and openly admit to it, boyband pop music for the masses has never been my cup of tea. Yet I suppose I have grown up with them in some weird way, as their music has occupied the airwaves for decades. Not saying a soundtrack to my growing up, but suppose they have always been there at arms length.

If I remember rightly one evening after a game I saw the Take That Logo on the end of the Trent End at Nottingham Forest, I looked at it, confused by this strange logo. I sort of knew what it was but it didn't make sense. Fast forward a number of months and Take That were playing the City Ground. As soon as they hit me with the pre order email, I purchased tickets, much to the bewilderment of my wife "You don't even like Take That"

Now why would I do such a thing! I'm more of an indie type music lover, but I knew that Take That at the City Ground intrigued me. Seeing my football clubs stadium converted into a music venue was something I had to see. If memory serves me right, the last concert at the City Ground was REM back in 2005.

Fast forward to Saturday the 25th May and the day was upon us, we headed down into West Bridgford for pre concert drinks, firstly at The Botanist, then onto The Boot Room outside the main entrance at the City Ground. There is a long standing myth about Nottingham, that there are 10 women to every man and today pre concert, this was true, or maybe more of a 100 to 1 ratio.

Everywhere is playing Take That or 90's related music, and the atmosphere outside and around was one of good spirits with a whiff of light carnivalesque atmosphere. The weather was behaving too which can change the atmosphere. After a few beers or so we made our way along with the masses towards the entrance of the Brian Clough stand, I have to say it was all very well organised.

I hadn't opted for standing tickets, at my age i'm more suited to seating nowadays, we picked seats high up when ordering, so that I could get a good view of all that was happening. 

First on the bill was Olly Murs with an hours warm up of feel good songs prior to the main event. The crowd was predominately female and you could easily spot the men who had been dragged along to watch, I felt like I was in a giant Hen do at times.. Not including myself in this, I bought the tickets!

Then came the main event. Take That, This Life tour.

I knew the hits and them only, they mixed up old classics with their new stuff, which I had no musical knowledge of, but was more than happy stood up, sat down, surveying what was going on at my football club. Being me I went for a wander and stealth moded down to the standing area for a wander around. It was a very happy crowd, the beer was flowing and I could feel good vibes all around.


As night was drawing in, the stadium became enclosed & felt more like a music venue than a football ground. The light shows were penetrating the darkness of the stadium and it all seemed to go up another gear. I do love a light/graphic show and Take That do this very well. A visual experience as much as a music experience.

A solid two hour set from Take That and an all round enjoyable evening at the World Famous City Ground. 

Not sure what Mr Clough would have thought about these shenanigans, but I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

I'm not going to rush out and buy any Take that vinyl, that's for sure. Would I go again to watch Take that? I wouldn't go out my way, but yes I would. Especially at the City Ground. I just hope that the City Ground gets utilised more in this way at the end of the football season. Its extra revenue not just for the club, but also for the surrounding businesses which rely on the Football crowds so much.

That's it, Take That done, bought the T-Shirt. Well I didn't buy the T-shirt, but someone did buy one for me. It says Nottingham on it, so not so bad.

P.S - For £35, the T-Shirt quality is awful! That's probably my only negative from the night.

An escape from reality, which we all need once in a while.

Well done Take That. Im still not a fan, but loved it.


I attended on the Saturday night and was in the lower Brian Clough stand. Wow, it was an amazing night, great atmosphere and well organised. The fireworks with the final song were brilliant and being in the lower BC stand meant no restrictive views of the fireworks.

Neil Powers June 11, 2024

Me too – lifelong TT’er but at the City Ground it had to be done. Well organised and hoping for more music as great revenue for the club and city. It was a great atmosphere and hoping the first of many more to come

Ruth Marshall May 28, 2024

As ever, you are me!
Long may it continue.

Phil Gospel May 28, 2024

If only sauce&brown did gig T Shirts…..

Sally Spirrett May 28, 2024

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