A simple tuck does wonders

Even when they’re in your size, often they don’t fit perfectly. That’s because we create them for the ‘average’ body shape, which means they’ll tend to sit in the right places on your neck and shoulders, but they don't always look good around the waist. This can be illustrated by Myself, Short and stumpy and Andy, tall and lean.

When your Shirt doesn’t fit perfectly, it's not as simple as just tucking it in. Excess material quickly gets rumpled, or can billow, neither of which makes you look put-together.

The military tuck is the solution. This simple technique masks excess fabric, to give you a tailored look that’s good enough for the parade ground.

Step 1: Tuck

With your waistband undone, tuck the hem of your shirt so it’s flat against your thighs and buttocks.

Step 2: Pinch

Grab your shirt at the side seams and pinch the fabric until the front of the shirt is flat against your chest and stomach. Use a mirror to make sure it’s taut, not pulling. Fold the fabric back, pushing the material at the rear forward with your thumb, to create a tuck.

Step 3: Fasten

Hold each flap firmly, then fasten your trousers to hold them in place. Now admire your newly trim silhouette.

We guarantee this will make you look better in your new S&B shirt.