Get the most from your S&B Tee

So it may have taken you a while to stumble across us but now you have found your favourite Tee, we don't want you to ruin it. Worse things have happened to man we know, but we don't want S&B to be part of your worry hole.

Here is how we advise you get the most from your Tee.

Wash gentle fabrics together

It's unlikely your best Tee is going to be covered in dirt so with that in mind we think a 30 degree wash should suffice. Best practice to avoid rips or pulls is to stay away from washing them with rough fabrics like denim or with anything that’s got metal hardware – zips, buttons, that kind of thing. Avoid washing anything with the Mrs bra!

Avoid bobbles

Maybe you ignore label advice and bung everything in on the same wash, now’s the time to change tack and start by turning your Tee's inside out. This helps keep colour of fabric and print at their best. Also those pesky bobbles you sometimes see, they’re now only on the inside.”

Keep it cool

To keep white tees pristine, wash at the hottest temperature the label says is safe. Hot washes can reduce the life of your clothes. We have found most detergents can get stains out at 30ºC. If you like a dark Tee wash it at Cold temperatures because less dye runs out.

Air dry

Don't do all of the above and then tumble dry, they can fade, shrink and bobble. In an ideal world hang dry them but not pegged from the top or bottom but with half over each side to avoid mishaping

Fold and store

Fold them and stack in a drawer, personally I organise into two piles. Work and general use and another for best. It just speeds up finding them on those dark mornings.

You are now ready to get the most out of your new S&B.